June 14, 2009

Anyone know when the next Halley's Comet is?

FINALLY saw The Hangover today. I haven't LOL'd like that in a theater since Superbad (and that's only because I saw Step Brothers on DVD in my living room)

Whether you wait for video, or check it out in theaters.. its a must see. The cast was awesome, and I now have a big celebrity crush on Bradley Cooper (developed a slight crush on him when he played 'Sack' in Wedding Crashers). After the movie, we all grabbed some lunch and ofcourse the topic of a Vegas Bachelor party came up since the guys will be planning them for friends at some point. Maybe it was the unlimited refills of Diet Coke & a lemon, but GL and I agreed to sign a contract that they could go to Vegas for an upcoming bachelor party. Do I believe this will happen? Highly unlikely. Which is why I act so hip it hurts about it. But good job 'The Hangover'... you somehow made it look like any trip to Vegas will not be as naughty! NOTE: Title of the Post will only be recognizable after you see this flick (no pressure or anything..)

The rest of the weekend was a nice time. Saturday was a gorgeous day out, and I finally got to meet some new Blogger Friends after our schedules aligned for brunch! Me, Yummy Mummy, Legally Brunette and Bex dined at Sonsie on Newbury, and I had such a nice time!!!!! While I was a little intimidated since they were all lawyers (what if they used some big words that I had to pretend like I knew?!!?)-- the conversation could not get more entertaining with shopping, law school, and babies. YM's Little Man was there as well, and I found myself just staring off at him cos all he did was smile & laugh! Eeeeek my ovaries! Had to grab a picture of him before she rode off for a day of fun at the park. BTW I'm not sure how YM does not have her own show- she's such a cool, hip & hilarious mom! Can't wait to meet up with all these ladies again :)

OOOOOOOO while walking down Newbury Street (third straight Saturday in a row) I saw another vision in prep. This one TRUMPED the last weeks look that I showed via JQ Lounge Cam. He was standing outside of Stephanie's on Newbury waiting for his date to arrive (boy or girl- couldn't not tell), but it was so awkward for me to snap a pic- so I took a mental not of his outfit and immediately started perusing vineyardvines.com and other sites to replicate it for you...

After Newbury, me & hubs packed up our little Lexie (cos Rocco was vacationing in VT with Glam-ma) and headed over to a fellow Real Housewive of the Metro West house to hang out by the pool and enjoy the sun. Trashy tabloid magazines, sitting in the sun by the pool, cocktails, chatting and Trader Joe's snacks is like my idea of the best time ever (with some would be Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc thrown in had I been able to drink with the hangover i was rocking)

Lexie and Mikey chased each other around the yard the entire day... Lexie is a flirt

Why does the North East have real winters again? I'd take a weekend like this over skiing ANYTIME!

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weezermonkey said...

Haven't seen The Hangover, but we just got back from a weekend at Caesars, which I'm told is quite a big part of the movie. :)

Susan said...

I can't wait to see the hangover. You had such a lovely weekend!

emrlds said...

that pic of lexie is amazing! and real dress photo, please? it looks super cute, though! glad you had a good weekend. you were missed saturday afternoon/evening. well, the parts i remember. =)

do you think this contract means you can come along to vegas in september? HA. i will be recruiting people for the next 3 months.

and yes, i still NEED to go see the hangover. i fail.

Yummy Mummy said...

OMG... I think the LM is as famous as violet afleck now that he made the JQ Lounge. It was so awesome to finally meet you in person!!! We must make that a regular thing. We are SO the Real Housewives of Boston!!!!

Must see the hangover. Must see any movie. Tell your ovaries that I haven't seen a movie in the theater in 2 years. They may quiet down!

Glad you had such a kick ass weekend! Don't forget the 27th!!


brookem said...

your weekend sounds fabulous! glad you saw the hangover and laughed as hard as i did. i LOVE bradley cooper.

Katelin said...

sounds like a great weekend and really, ohmygosh i died laughing all of 'the hangover.' i have a crush on justin bartha, seriously he's just adorable.

and "his name is carlos"

Julie Q said...

WeeMo- did you quit ur job and become a stewardess?! I can't keep up with you and all your fun trips!

Susan- Perfect Date Movie! your boy will be glad you didn't drag him to a romantic comedy (oh wait.. maybe that's just mine!)

Emrlds- seriously i know.. i should've taken a dress photo but i would've looked like a turd trying to take it myself. could have asked one of the others but they were busy drinking beer and playing pong!

YM- i'm pretty sure LM has his on imdb.com page now that he's made it onto the jqlounge ;)

Brookem- YES! glad you saw it. its playing right near us, i might have to see it again!

Katelin- 'his name is Carlos' oh man there were way too many classic lines that could have made it as post title!!! another one: 'now there's 4 in my wolfpack!'

Karen said...

Just reading the wolfpack thing made me laugh! That movie was an instant classic, like Old School.

And I'm totally there with you on the B-Coop crush, except I only like him all scruffed up ;)

"I thought he looked like a Carlos too"

weezermonkey said...

I would make a shitty stewardess because I am (1) short, (2) rude, and (3) rude.

Did I say rude twice? Yes, yes I did.


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