June 23, 2009

A Closer Look

  • Contemplating getting my dogs these chairs for when we sit out on the porch for dinner. They are pretty nicely priced, but I'd be afraid Roc'n'Lex would start sitting in our dining room chairs too if they got used to it .
  • My Yiayia turns 80 today!!! Happy Birthday! Stop by her blog and send her some birthday wishes!
  • Fun With Yahoo Answers.. check it out!!! a fun tumblr page that is an awesome entertaining time waster (much like my blog!)
  • i WISH my random flickr pix would be picked for a Prague ad campaign without my knowledge or consent. Or at least on the preview of Prague's Next Top Model... [src: jezebel]
  • 35 Douchiests Dads. Funny list :) Although I'd totally veto Uncle Jesse being a db dad! Have mercy on him.
  • Ruelala purchase of the week. I kid. I'm banning myself from Ruelala for 1 month. My Tory Burch Tote!!!! Too bad I will not debut it until later on this week, because its supposed to be rainy and crumby in Boston until Thursday. What is this.. London?!?!
And finally, for all y'all with a sense of humor and saw The Hangover.. enjoy this Funny or Die video below featuring Zach G and Bradley Cooper. Thanks Ali for sending!!

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weezermonkey said...

Balla with yo' Tory B. tote!

That Prague ad is hysterical.

emrlds said...

in. love. with. tory.

such a great tote! and i think you rigged it somehow, with it getting there within a week. seriously, you must know someone.

zach - hilarious. did an event with him at the old job. funny, short, hairy man.

Legally Brunette said...

I love that your Yiayia has a blog. How awesome!

The thought of seeing my picture fly by on a bus in Europe somewhere was enough to make me laugh out loud at my desk. I would love it too!

The Northerner said...

I need to nix my rue la la purchasing too. Just because it's on sale doesn't mean I am saving money...it's still more than I would spend if I was buying, say, nothing.

Larissa said...

The bag is mucho lovely. I've had to put a hold on my handbag purchasing, but you're making it hard for me!

LiLu said...

Thank you SO much for that video!!! I can not possibly get enough of the two of them in my life... MORE!!!

Julie Q said...

WeezerMonkey- Thanks! Would you like to donate your pretty little TB flats too? :)

Emrlds- I'm going to give you 500 $1 bills to throw into the audience after i do kareoke at the next boston blogger meetup ;)

Legally Brunette- EXACTLY! I LoL'd as well

The Northerner- true, I had an epiphany this weekend and am trying not to shop as much :(

Larissa- i guess having a Baby is the best excuse not to shop for yourself- but make sure you give yourself a treat every once in awhile!!!

LiLu- Zach G does a few more webisodes like that!! Me and hubs watched them last night and were cracking up. the Natalie Portman one is funny!

Katelin said...

the prague story cracked me up when i first saw it, so random. and love the funny or die clip, those two are hilarious.