June 3, 2009

Pretty Things Make Me Happy!

Speechless. I know I'm probably the only person out there who still gets a kick out of bows on shoes. My first pair dated back to when I was 9 and my mom let me pick a pair of patent leather shoesies with the slightest kitten heel. The bow was green, red, and purple. Thinking back- they were hideous, but I felt like a princess every time i heard the little heel click on the pavement. Shoes: J. Crew, and unfortunately they are not on sale.

I'm not an interior designer, but if i WAS, my fabulous eye for things would be portrayed in a portfolio liked Amanda Nisbet. I saw a sneak peak on Desire To Inspire (btw- great website I just found) and cannot turn away!

Ooooo another pretty lilac bedroom! This one is from Tobi Fairley. I would feel like a Southern Bell in this room. Actually I'd feel more like Cher from Clueless- but either way its a good thing. As long as it includes a Closet that circulates my clothes.

Every time we work on a house project, we always say 6 months until we pick up a paint brush again onto the next room. Boo to that! And, yeah, where would one find such ridiculously awesome Black Chunky Curtain Rods? Yeah, they don't look TOO expensive. le sigh.

Ahhhh Peach. Its Wedding Season, and here are some pix (courtesy of Style Me Pretty) of a JQ Lounge approved Rehearsal Dinner. If we were to attend this Rehearsal Dinner, me and hubs would be called Hadley & Skip (aka our Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard monikers)

I must have HBO's True Blood on the mind (season 2 premieres June 14th 9pm!!!) because when I saw this print on Print & Pattern I felt a special bond with it, and THEN i noticed its called Sukie Fruit Fabric. Its been way too long since I heard a Vampire say 'Sookie'

Happy Wednesday!

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weezermonkey said...

I looooooove bows on shoes. Almost all of my work shoes have bows on them.

I do not jest.

Susan said...

I never thought I'd love a lilac bedroom, but that one is gorgeous. And bows on shoes- always okay.

Katelin said...

i saw that rehearsal dinner pic on style me pretty too and loved it! so beachy and love it.

emrlds said...

Seriously, you do not help with my shopping problem. Or my home design website issue.

The Northerner said...

I actively seek out stuff with bows. You'd think I was four years old!

brookem said...

i love those rooms!
and the shoes!

Yummy Mummy said...

Oh I heart that bedroom. Not sure the Husband would approve. Ahhhh who needs him when you have a bedroom like that!


Larissa said...

That first bedroom is so pretty! Like Yummy Mummy above, I doubt my husband would go for it.

LiLu said...

HOOOOOOORAYYYYY for fellow True Blooders! I will be Tweeting you!!! xoxo

Gemini said...

OMG those thing are SO pretty. Pretty things make me happy too! Thanks for making my monday pretty :)

willikat said...

i still love bows on shoes, too.