June 10, 2009

Summer Shows: Volume 1

It was sad for a month or two with Lost being over, but Summer not only brings the sunshine, Perfect Polished Toes and Sangria, but also spectacular fun tv to indulge in!

Some shows I'm looking forward to.

True Blood. HBO, Sunday June 14th 9pm. click here.


I'm not a sci fi nerd. I usually like Romantic Comedies, good shows like The Wire, TLC's A Baby Story, any show about House Renovation or Cake Renovation, Reality Television.. but vampires? It just wasn't my scene. Until True Blood. This show completely caught me off guard and I was hooked after the first 15 minutes of the first episode. Yes, I know I should watch Twilight, but already I feel like its comparing the original 90210 to Sweet Valley High (which I think I was the only one who watched that show when the girl from Clueless was on it) You still have time to catch up on Season 1 by Sunday.. but it depends. how dedicated are you? (besides this girl who I respect for her taste in tv - cos its basically the same as mine!)

Fact: Sookie and her Vampire Beau date in real life. Just had to include that! FTW

Mad Men. AMC, Sunday August 16th 10pm. click here.

Oh to be a Chauvinistic Pig back in the '60s. Don Draper is bootyliscious and he can talk about the Kodak Carousel as much as he wants and I'd buy it. I love this show because I love the entire cast and the storylines with it. A chick who hides her pregnancy cos she had sexytime with a coworker in his office? Scandalous. The amount of scotch they drink before 9am would knock me out for about 3 days straight. Ron Burgandy meets Newsies meets Sopranos. This show is a treat.

Royal Pains. USA, Thursdays 10pm. click here.

New show and the Pilot episode got the hubs attention enough for him to program our DVR to always record it. That's pretty impressive because while I'll watch anything- he's a picky tv snob. The guy from Road Trip is in it too! Long story short- city doctor gets blacklisted out of town and ends up hanging around Rich 'Cidiots' (the locals word for City Folks who invade the Hamptons every weekend). The Jokes are fun, the Hamptons scenery is gorh-jas, and each member in the cast has beautiful eyes. That's hard to come by! Or maybe it was our HD TV. Either way, I'd definitely check it out.

Shows that will not be showing up this summer? WB's Privileged did NOT get renewed. Sad Face. I dont want to admit how much I loved that show. Also- Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia doesn't come back until September- so that will 'Fall' under the Automn shows. yucka yucka yucka.

Shows I've stopped watching: The Bachelorette (sorry but its a bore fest this season. very cute guys though- makes great content for The Soup), I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here (speidi should stick to scripted television and full makeup), SYTYCD - I gave that show about 10 minutes before I was like.. what the what? but that's also because I hate dancing, and clubs where people dance. I'm more of an 'Elaine' type of dancer.

What shows are you excited to watch over the summer?

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Susan said...

Oh my God Julie I am counting the days until Mad Men, I can't wait!

weezermonkey said...

I'm not sure we can be friends now that I know how you feel about SYTYCD.

Did you watch Top Chef Masters tonight?

The Northerner said...

Just started watching True Blood on DVD. LOVE IT. And the 90210 to Sweet Valley High comparison is perfect.

Julie Q said...

Susan- if i wasn't a hermit crab on sunday nights, we could have a mad men party and watch it with scotch and cigarettes (candy cigarettes at least!)

WeeMo- you would think i'd be a great candidate for liking that show! maybe i have childhood angst for getting tap and jazz class and silly leotards and tulle forced on me for 6 years straight. and yeah- i will def tune into Tom Chef Masters this weekend when Bravo shows the repeats. That may make the Volume 2 post.

Northerner- YES. SVH. FTW!! Hope you had an excellent bday yesterday

Katelin said...

man i have no shows for the summer. but that's the magic of shows on dvd i can finally watch. mad men season 1 is definitely the plan :)

Jessica said...

No SYTYCD??? I'm not sure if I can read this blog anymore ;) I just made practically a whole post dedicated to it.
Buuttt.. I am way too excited for True Blood to start back up! Have you read the Sookie Stackhouse books? I haven't gotten them yet, but I plan on it!

emrlds said...

i'm still mourning the fact that grey's is over and that lauren isn't on the hills. i don't even know what to do with myself.

Julie Q said...

Katelin- I like your summer attitude about shows, I need to relax a little and trust that the DVR will tape them so i can watch them at my leisure!

Jessica- I know! i'm catching flack from all different sides about not liking this show. I should give it another chance! I heard there were books about Sookie- i haven't read them, but i'm too busy reading us weeklys and being an intellect. rrrright :) let me know if you like them

oooo emrlds- greys will be back before you know it. But LC? fortunately not ;)

Yummy Mummy said...

Soooooookkkkkie. I heart true blood. Oh, I heart it so. Bring it on!

Organic Meatbag said...

Ahhhh, I miss Lost too...badly...along with The Office and 24... My wife loves True Blood so I know she is excited for the new season to start...

I wonder if it's too late to join the Dharma Initiative? hehehe...

LiLu said...

I am *so* with you on Mad Men and TRUE BLOOD!!! Guess I better check out Royal Pains, too... ;-)

Karen said...

Seriously, I saw the pilot of Royal Pains too and was wondering the WHOLE time where that dude was from -- Road Trip! Thanks for putting that to rest, although a little embarrassed that I recognize actors from their appearances in Road Trip.

Julie Q said...

YM- T-minutes 40 minutes til TB. Can't wait!!!

Organic Meatbag- I haven't seen the last season of 24- I like to wait til its out of DVD so I can watch them all in a row :)

LiLu- ooo 2nd episode of Royal Pains was only so so- but I'll still give it another shot

Karen- lol if there was only an awesome paying job for knowing all these random facts, i'd be able to afford my Ruelala and Groupon addiction! ;)