June 7, 2009

There's No Breakfast. Just Brunch.

Fantastical little weekend. Friday we hung around and tried out a new (to us) Mexican Restaurant outside Boston. It was called Zocalo Cocina and it was pretty yummy. They even had a 'low carb chicken burrito' that was recently added to the menu that I loved. After the Teeth Whitening, I've tried switching to an all white diet when it comes to drinking. But i'm sorry, White Sangria will NEVER be as good as Red Sangria! That is a fact.

Saturday I was uber excited for my trip to Newbury St to go to Melt Boston and cash in on yet another groupon. My mom was going to get her Teeth Whitened- so we decided to make a girls outting on Newbury St. Grabbed some lunch on Charlies patio and checked out some retail.

My favorite buy of the day from Newbury Comics:

McLovin Air Freshener $4.99

Then as I was walking to Melt for some spa pampering. I saw him. A vision in Prep.

The Pink Belt with the Aligators on it was what did me in. I whipped out the Google Phone and point'n'clicked this ridiculousness. Even my mom said 'Yeah, that's way too preppy for that young boy.. I didn't want to say anything cos he could hear me' (as he's still about 5 ft away from us)

Melt Boston was a very nice visit. I had a 2 groupons that equaled about $250 worth of goodies. The first hour was a Body Polish. According to their site 'Your body is deeply exfoliated using the salt or sugar of your choice, cleaned with hot towels and followed with a relaxing application of hydrating body butter. Scents change seasonally.' Um, yeah it was amazing and I'm pretty sure I fell into a deep sleep about 45 minutes into it. The next hour was a Luzern Facial, and I think my face got replaced with Giselle's skin afterwards, because it was dewy and clean and supermodelesque.

Groupon has done it again! BTW my mom's teeth came out like 10 times brighter and whiter then my did. Jealous! But mine are still white- no thanks to giving up my love affair with Red Sangria.

The rest of the weekend we headed down to Newport, Rhode Island for a family cookout. I hadn't been to Newport in awhile, and forgot how pretty and relaxing it is! After a fun night of BBQ'ing and Flip cup, we ended Sunday morning with brunch at Atlantic Beach Club and headed back to Boston.

The rest of the lazy Sunday was spent with our two little kiddies, Rocco'n'Lexie.

Fun weekends like this one make me forget about the 10 horrible snowstorms we had this winter!!

OH WAIT! The best part which is why this post is titled what it is. While driving into the parking lot for Atlantic Beach Club....

Beach Cabana DB: Yeah? (aka if we were parking to go to the beach, it would be $15).

Hubs: We're getting Breakfast

Beach Cabana DB: There's No Breakfast. Just Brunch.

Hubs: Same thing.

Beach Cababa DB: (insert fake laugh) Ha! Yeah I guess you're right (aka Go Fugs Yourself)

WHAT A DB! But I did crack up at his quote enough to remember to name my post this. Thanks dude!

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Pandesaldreamer said...

Hah! Love the McLovin Air freshner. I swear, I can watch and watch that movie over and over and over. I never get tired of it and continue to laugh at the same shiz.

emrlds said...

seriously, i almost spilled more coffee reading this. LOVE atlantic beach club. but the real question - Mr. Prep - is that his friend walking next to him? couldn't they find a happy medium of dressing well? haha.

catherine said...

topsiders and everything! oh, and Oleana does a decent white sangria, I think.

Susan said...

I LOVE Zocolo! I was too late for that Melt groupon, it actually sold out pretty early that day- glad you enjoyed it!

brookem said...

ha, you're too funny with your pics! i love it!
that MELT thing sounds awesome!!

Katelin said...

yay! looks like so much fun. love all the pics and the notes on them, amazing.

LiLu said...

That vision in prep?

Yeah, that's 90% of DC men.

Thank goodness I found mine... but I still miss the hell outta Bahstun boys.

Susie said...

I love how much you love Groupon :) I actually used a Groupon at Zocalo last night! But the Zocalo in Brighton... I think it's the same though? Also, I totally agree that red sangria is SO much better!!! And loveeee the JQ lounge cam!!

Julie Q said...

Pandesaldreamer- agreed. my favorite scene is when they are in Home Mec. I sometimes watch the youtube video of it!!

Emrlds- oh no, I hope the coffee didn't spill on your other shoulder!! Cos that'd just be ridiculous and doubly more impossible.

Catherine- is that a White Sangria Challenge? Cos I can't turn down a challenge, especially when it involves sangria.

Susan- I hope they have some more Spa Groupons! Cos its hard to book a regular appointment now without a deal :)

Brookem- we'll take the Guam Spaceship to Boston and hit up some Groupon Spas on Newbury one of these days. Best description of the MBTA EVER.. thnx emrlds!

Katelin- i'm trying to keep up with your weekends in the Fun Awesome Pics category!

LiLu- if you combine your comment, there would be DC Preps Appearing in TrueBlood which would make for some interesting Sunday Night television....

Susie- you know where to send some free Groupons to!!! ;) hint hint nod nod. thank you for making me earn points of my credit cards much faster then I could ever imagine. tehehehe