June 29, 2009

We Make it Rain in Boston

About 25 of the last 28 days have had a forecast of Rain in good ole' Boston. Such a nice treat after a horrible miserable winter, I must say.

Fortunately, Boston is a fun city so we make do. Saturday night I met up with a bunch of friends to do a little bar hopping in Fanueil Hall. We started the night out at the Hong Kong where there was an awesome 80s themed pub crawl starting up. I wish I had gotten the memo, because everyone dressed up was rocking the theme 110%. The girl on the left in the 80's pumps was my favorite outfit out of the crew.

We then hit up Red Sky, which even though the weather was crappy, the view was pretty cool.

Then it was time to meet up with Yummy Mummy & Legally Brunette and company for dinner at Houstons! Then headed over to Hennessys to see YM's friend's band play the perfect songs you want to hear when out at a bar. Live music is my ffffavorite (but I don't like going to concerts at huge venues)

Upstairs was a girl band playing No Doubt, which made Ali and I want to start an all girls rock band. I wish I had some talent to go through with that. And a guitar!

Probably laughing at something hilarious I said..

I think the equation goes something like.. the more bars you go to in one night, add those X amount of hours onto your Sunday morning hangover....

After some suggestions on twitter, we went to go see Away We Go. Its a movie staring John Krasinski & Maya Rudolph about a young couple about to have their first kid, and trying to find the perfect city to relocate to. It was sweet, funny, dramatic and cute. Plus the cast was perfect!! Maggie Gylenhaul is awesome. And I have a new actor crush, Chris MessinaAnd this movie will forever make me chuckle whenever I see a Stroller. Plus the soundtrack is very iPod worthy.

What movies are worth making a trip to the theatre??

[besides The Hangover, obviously]

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Susan said...

I was all over Fanueil Hall for a bachelorette party on Saturday!

And, I am pretty much following in your footsteps on movies, I finally saw The Hangover yesterday (loved it) and now I need to see Away We Go.

emrlds said...

i NEED to go see this movie. totally bought the soundtrack, thanks for hating on my wallet AGAIN. and red sky? love. we need to hit up the cheap tuesday dinner.

i am concerned that you didn't mention the robot here....hahahhaa

brookem said...

i was at hong kong at the end of bacheloretting on saturday night! (susan, why didn't we plan better?!)

LOVED away we go, and the soundtrack almost as much.

Sarah said...

I LOVED Away We Go. It has stayed with me for weeks now. I keep thinking back to it. Did you see UP?

Julie Q said...

Susan & Brookem - AHHH! I saw like 10 different bachelorette parties going on in Fanueil Hall saturday night. I myself had my B-party there 3 years ago- holy crap thats a while back..

Emrlds - if I thought a celebrity of that stature read my blog (besides yourself of course), i would most definitely have included my drunk tweeting and attempting to call out on. I think the Robot should be the new reference from now on..

Sarah - YES! I loved that movie. Some critic was like 'its just a rip off of juno' but i'm like.. its not about teen pregnancy?!?! and i thought it was really funny.

April Elizabeth said...

I was at hong kong on sat from 945-12. Wish I had know. We could have had a scorpion bowl race.

Katelin said...

sounds like a lovely weekend. and i really want to see 'away we go', i've been told i remind people of maya rudolph which i take as a good thing, haha.

and obviously i recommend 'the proposal', so so cute.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...


LiLu said...

One good thing about the rain...

I don't feel AT ALL guilty about not doing my hair. :-)

Julie Q said...

April Elizabeth- YES! that makes 4 boston bloggers (at least) hitting up HK on a saturday night. hopefully we're planning a Happy Hour soon I'll post some more info on the blog when we set it up!

Katelin- you DO remind me of Maya, and yes. that is such a good thing. I absolutely loved her in the movie.

Chelsea- I think you'll really enjoy it! I hope everyone does :)

LiLu- see, I dont have the natural waves that all my friends seem to do when they don't dry their hair. (you bitches!! lol) i get this random one wave that looks like my hair has been in a ponytail holder for 2 days! :)

Karen said...

Boston is such a cute city! It would have been better if you could have made it rain, Vegas style (where they 'shower' dollar bills over the crowd)!! Looks like you made the most of it anyway :)

These movies aren't out yet, but I'm looking forward to 500 Days of Summer and Paper Heart. Look for them this summer, the trailers look great!

Yummy Mummy said...

In my next life I'm coming back as you! Sounds like a great weekend, glad I could be part of it! It was awesome to meet your hubby and bff. Let's do it again soon. Hopefully somewhere "niki" can get in!