July 30, 2009

After the Party its the After Party

And now we have the sequel to the fun Saturday Night that was the Girls Guide to Gaming party....

What to do when 10 of those girls want to keep rocking out?

Why.. you go to a Martini Bar!

So there were were, taking this party over to 6 B on Beacon Street. All ladies, no guys = lots of drinking and dancing = but 1,000 times more fun!

I was DEFINITELY throwing the dice too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And THAT is when you have the courage to run over to the private bar in the back and introduce yourself to Tony Hawk, because you two just HAD to meet.

Unfortunately, my skills in photoshop were not able to take the dancing sweat out of my hair. But I was able to get rid of my bra strap in every. single. picture. Talk about wardrobe malfunction.

T-Hawk was a sweetheart! Even when I asked his beautiful young blond friend sitting next to him to scootch over so I could take the picture of my good side. Little did I know, after all of that dancing, there was no good side. And then the nice big bouncer man told me to go back to the regular folks hangout. I did make sure I yelled 'BYE TONY HAWK' while being escorted out.

I'll be playing you lata on my Nintendo DSi!!

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Sarah said...

the dice is really all you got!

haha, crack me up! You look like you were totally photoshopped into that tony hawk pic, probably the result of your "de-sweatifying" efforts :)

looks like a fun night.

emrlds said...

omg, hilarious dancing photos! and my mojito still looks yummy.
and, um, hi tony hawk! CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED HIM. ok, end rant. have fun this weekend, i miss you on gchat already. xo

Katelin said...

um amazing! i love a good celeb encounter and this is a good one. good to know he was nice too and love that you have his game for your new dsi, haha.

Ali said...

i heart heart HEART that pic of you me and er! new fb profile pic...check! haha so fun!

willikat said...

you make me laugh. i bet you are loads and loads of fun to go out with. :)

Lacey Bean said...

Wow Tony Hawk looks OLD. Haha.

MRhé said...

Tony looks like he's pushing 60 in this photo.

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Damn, Tony Hawk got OLD!

LiLu said...

No way! We spotted him at a restaurant here in DC at our anniversary dinner, and I was all "Is that...?" And B was all "Oh yeah. Definitely."

Way cool :-)

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brookem said...

so much fun!
see you tomorrow!