July 22, 2009

Cape Cod-a-wanna!

Some Things I did during my Cape Cod Vacation...

- entered the house on the first day like I was on Big Brother or The Real World. Running into each room wondering which one I should claim... we obviously got the one with two twin beds since the other two couples have been married for 28 and 34 years..... at least we had an ocean view!

-made friends with a killer cat. Hubs grabbed me and said 'hey look at this cat!' I walk over and see the cat is about to pray on a little cute rabbit. 'OMG, stop this from happening!!' i shriek. When hubs goes to warn the rabbit he's going to be someone's dinner, the rabbit gets distracted, the cat pounces, and carries the rabbit off. CRAZINESS.

-tried to make friends with these people on this yacht, hoping they'd pick me up on the dock so I could reenact Bill Murray in What About Bob. 'IM SAILING!'

-created a signature shot at The Port. When asked what I like by the bartender, my reply was 'I like white wine, dog lovers, blogging, and reality television' after chuckling at my description, he came up with this pink amazing shot. I told him I named it The Pink Stink-eye but am guessing they didn't add it to their menu.

-drank about 3,204+ fun fruity drinks (mojitos, margaritas, sangria, beer, you name it)

- Danced to 'Shout' in an epic dance party. 4 iPods total, that could not be any more different. DJ Gus did his best to please the guests.

even broke one of my favorite J.Crew necklaces while I was dancing. Boo!

-ate lots of delicious food. some healthy,

some not so healthy

-caught up on all my books and magazines while sitting on a sweet dock in the backyard.

- got vacation pedicures with my sister in law, she gets the BEST tan ever, so she went with the bright coral. I stuck with the signature hot pink.

-bought a few great cape cod souvenirs. All from Shiver Me Timbers.

ended up getting the 'Oyster Pond' sign in the first picture. Hubs veto'd getting a 'No dumping' sign for our yard, because there's a very good chance the dogs would not follow it.

-found out that our Cape House owner was obsessed with Mallards almost as much as I am!!! It really felt like home. Such cheesy awesomeness.

- was nice to relax and hang out with my hubs & his family. Now getting ready for my birthday trip to Charleston coming up!!

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weezermonkey said...

Your toes are fabulous.

Yummy Mummy said...

Looks like a GREAT trip! that may have been the best vacation recap ever!


emrlds said...

you guys are super cute. i'm still crying about the necklace and contemplating a pedicure colors instead or working. the usual.

brookem said...

ha, your post title reminds me of dirty dancing... i really wannaaaaa....
(was that the point?)

sounds like you had a great time! ps- hubs rocks a great HOH!

brookem said...


Gemini said...

Yay for awesome trips, fried fish and Mallards of course ;-)

Sarah said...

That looks so summery and awesome! I'm jealous.

Maxie said...

That tuna ( i think it's tuna) looks amazing!

The Northerner said...

Looks like a great time! Are you able to fix the necklace?