July 7, 2009


  • glad that Jordan Cattalano got hot again! Boiler room.. 2pm?
  • sad that there are no fall weddings to attend :( BUT I'm excited for a December wedding. I've never been to winter nuptials!
  • listening to Alexi Murdoch. He did most of the songs on Away We Go Soundtrack (totally worth buying on iTunes).. follow me on blip if you want to here some of his stuff!
  • working out after an embarrassingly long hiatus. July = awesomeness that is Cape Cod and Charleston, South Carolina. Even throwing in a personal trainer once a week.. holy crap that is expensive. But any man who can get me to do lunges for 20 minutes and THEN jump on a tred mill and work out for another 40 min after that.. is worth probably 2 million dollars.
  • LOVING this article looking into some of Wes Anderson's inspirations.
  • wondering how crazy today is going to be in LA with the MJ Memorial......

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weezermonkey said...

Go look at my Facebook status(es) to see how crazy MJ mania is. I live in the street closure zone.

Sarah said...

Jordan Catalano...sigh

brookem said...

oooh hello jared!
(i think i own the shirt he's wearing.)
congrats on the gym!

emrlds said...

i love him. i do not love jillian michaels kicking my ass.
that is all. =)

Katelin said...

i love the dlisted article that was like first chace crawford then zac efron, now jared leto cuts his hair!? the world is coming to an end soon, haha.

LiLu said...

If you have the 2pm slot, can I have the 3? I don't even mind sloppy seconds with him...

brandyismagic said...

I'm 382 shades in love with Alexi Murdoch. Can you imagine if he looked like Jordan Cattalano AND had that voice? Dear God. I would stab kittens to go to the boiler room with him.

Julie Q said...

WeeMo- Phew, no riots in LA yesterday.

Sarah- that scene in MSCL at the end of the ep where Jordan Cattalano grabs Angela's hand in the hallway will be forever etched in my brain. Also because i had it on VHS and watched that 2 minute scene about 100 times.

Brookem- Bootcamp! We Must Try It Out.

Emrlds- Good for you! I'm too scared to watch the JM 30Day Shred video thats sitting in my basement gym.

Katelin- yes, Dlisted is the funniest person on earth- and is so much more awesome then Perez!

LiLu- 3pm is all yours lady!

Brandi- from what I can see stalking his youtube videos on blip, Alexi isn't too bad on the eyes!! I wish he had a tour coming up but i can't find out crap on his website!

Karen said...

I'd like to join the Jordan Catalano fan club, man, that takes me back! He was so ... dreamy!

And Jillian Michaels is also kicking my ass. I think it's a blogger rite-of-passage, so you better dust off your copy soon!