July 27, 2009

Get Ur Hair Did and be Faboolous

Thanks to everyone who entered-- I loved hearing about all your special b-days, and appreciated the RT's!

And the two lucky winners are...... (according to Random.org)

LiteratiLisa & Susan of Transient Travels, please make sure to send me a glamour shot after your fun spa days!

Congrats to you both! Email or DM me your info and I'll make sure it gets to you asap! Thanks again to Groupon for the fun contest.

Lots of fun stories to tell this week. But in the meantime, today I went and saw The Hurt Locker and it was VERY good. The main guy looked just like Ben McKenzie from the OC, but a much better actor. His name is Jeremy Renner. Its pretty intense, laughs mixed in here and there and kind of long, but it definitely lives up to the hype its been receiving lately.

Next movies I can't wait to see: Funny People & 500 Days of Summer

And be sure to check in here for some more fun giveaways this summer! Woot woot!

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emrlds said...

that's good because i don't even know where dracut is.

congrats, ladies!

Susan said...

So excited!

LiLu said...

Best. Post title. EVER!!! :-)

Julie Q said...

Emrlds - some day I will show you a tour of what is out there in our magical state besides the city of Boston!! (and that tour will be to the wrenthem outlets)

Susan - Yay! i'm glad

LiLu - It was very LiLu-esque, I thought so too!