July 28, 2009

My Super Sweet Girls Guide to Gaming Party!

I feel as though my experience as a blogger has peaked as of Saturday night. After being approached by the lovely Justine of Brand About Town, I invited 30 Boston-area socialites [in my eyes] to come join me for a night of mingling, cocktails, and GAMING!

When I saw the invite, I did a double take. Location: The State Room in Boston. For out-of-towners, let's just say that The State Room is one of the.coolest.venues in Boston. Its located in Faneuil Hall, and is the site for many gorgeous weddings, due to the stunning view of all of Boston.I arrived at 6:51 pm to get there a few minutes before the party started, at 7pm. A guy in a tuxedo told us it would be 9 more minutes until we could go up. I told him that I was supposed to be there early, and he said 'Are you Julie? Why didn't you say something! Come with me, and the rest of you can come up in 9 minutes' (he was very professional.)

I walk into the most fabulously decorated room EVER! Its like they knew my favorite colors were hot pink and black [hell, i was even WEARING those colors!] The room was set up in stations, so a group of girls could try a different Nintendo DSi Game. Each Station you completed you would get a charm. White Wine, Red Wine and Champagne were passing by on trays left and right the entire evening. The appetizers spread could have been taken straight from my wedding..

There was one station that showed you all the fun features the DSi has before you even put in a game. You can: take pictures, go online and check your email, record yourself singing Boys II Men's Its So Hard to Say Goodbye To Yesterday, take a picture of yourself, or use the other photo lens to take a picture of the room, record yourself singing Pieces of Me by Ashlee Simpson, edit photos, add paws onto your photos.

If i was saying this outloud i would be out of breath right now, cos i'm already overwhelmed just typing all of this!! Let's just say. It does a lot.

Speaking of music, when I noticed how hot their playist was, I figured it was part of The State Room itself, but then I saw these cute little putt putts sitting in the corner. The hot playlist? Coming from their iTunes that was playing through on these speakers connected to this cute little Nintendo DSi. Le Swoon. Too bad my birthday is on Wednesday, with such short notice, I don't think anyone will be able to buy these speakers for me! There's always Christmas!

All in All, it really was a magical night, sounds corny, but yeah, I couldn't get over how lovely everything was. There were so many different groups of friends of mine that attended and some new friends that I met in person for the first time, and it was pretty cool to see everyone in the same room, having a blast. I like how it was the Girl's Guide to Gaming. I think I hang out around boys way too much. It was such a cool, peaceful ambiance being around only ladies. Plus I think girls playing video games is sexy. And I bet you the boys will agree!

And at the end of the party? When you completed all the stations they presented you with a Nintendo DSi of your own!!!

Thank you again, Brand About Town and Nintendo, for making me look A LOT cooler to my friends than I could ever be. I think it was a great success!

And the after party in Boston that night with 10 of the ladies? Oh... that is a whole other post, where I meet & grab a picture with a celebrity that actually HAS his very own Nintendo DSi game.

Coming soon. (follow my twitter if you need a spoiler alert of who it is)

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Susan said...

YAY for Nintendo parties!!!

Yummy Mummy said...

I couldn't be more bummed that I had to miss it. What an amazing party!!!! xoxo

nancypearlwannabe said...

I am so, so super jealous that I couldn't be there. DAMN MY TRIP TO ENGLAND.

emrlds said...

i'm still all cheesy about what a great night it was. (hi, dork.) and really, mario kart thumbs are NO joke.

Arielle said...

I'm so bummed I couldn't go!!

Legally Brunette said...

Best friend's wedding be damned...this is where I wanted to be Saturday night. So glad you had such a great time! And your celeb sighting? Wicked awesome.

brookem said...

seriously such a wicked fun time!
hellllloooo to my bra in the bracelet picture!

Julie Q said...

Susan - YAY is right!

Yummy Mummy - You know you were totally missed at the party! how'd the Jo Malone candle work out for you?

Nancy Pearl Wannabe - I know! I wish I could offer our tweetup to be as fabulous as that, but we will try to recreate it with the champagne part at least??

Emrlds - did you remember my post about the Mario Thumb last year? Cos if you did, you deserve a star.

Arielle - i know!! I wish we could have met in person!

Legally Brunette - awww well hopefully you at least got to dance to 'SHOUT' at the wedding, which would make it all worth it.

Brookem - um.. do you know that it took me 2 hours to photoshop my bra out of every single pic? yeah, quite the wardrobe malfunction :(

Kristen said...

Thank you for being such a lovely hostess! It was a blast!

Barbara said...

I had the best time! Sorry I ducked out of the after party. I was way tipsy and needed to catch the T. You guys make me want to Tweet/Blog for real.

Katelin said...

um love it! glad your party was so much fun. slightly jealous of the locale, it looks amazing! :)

The Northerner said...

I wish I could go to parties like this every weekend! I bet yours was just as awesome as the one I went to :)

Pam said...

I'm so glad it was a great time! Still bummed that I had to miss it, but then, I'm already a gamer... ;)