July 1, 2009

Pay No Attention to the Man in the Fannypak!

Scene: walking the dogs after work.

Hubs: Look at my new technique when I walk both dogs in the morning.

[sidenote: yes, i'm WAY too busy getting ready for work, and most importantly.. getting ready to watch the Today Show for 35 minutes]

And then he does this with her leash.

JQ: but where do you fit the water bottle and the discman... while holding 4 lb weights on each arm? while gabbin' with your best girlfriend about the finds you just picked up at The Christmas Tree Shop..

I'll spare you what Rocco thought about his new technique.

But we did pick it up. Cos we are great dog owners.

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emrlds said...

so wise, that husband. so wise.

i'm commenting after i tweeted about your husband. this is officially awk.

the pups though? adorable.

eperry said...

that husband of yours is so creative :)

Katelin said...

haha oh gus is a smart one alright.

LiLu said...


Oh, my gawd, the Christmas Tree Shop! It's like ten minutes from my house! I can't go home without going there... LOVE IT!

Susan said...

hahah - brilliant!

Elizabeth said...

Haha--this is great! You're right--he really does look like a beagley dachshund! Precious!

Larissa said...

That's very resourceful :)

Julie Q said...

Emrlds- we should start txting each other too! lol gchat, twitter, blog comments, maybe skype?? hahaha i love it

eperry- um, your hubs surprises you with lunch at work! you got a good one yourself :)

katelin- another one with a kickass other half! i think matt and gus would get along great

LiLu- omg the sad thing is, i absolutely love that place. like.. if i had 4 hours to kill- i'd make a trip to there and homegoods.

Susan- i'm sure you could pull that off with your new kitten too

Elizabeth- that's why i love all the dogs on your dachshund blog! my dogs look like them on steroids :)

Larissa- my boy is wicked smart ;)