July 8, 2009

Weddings should happen EVERY weekend!

A few weeks back I was a Bridesmaid in one of my dearest friend E's wedding. E's been a longtime reader of JQ Lounge, going back to about 4 years ago when there were only 3 readers (E, Megs, and mama Q). And now there are about 7.

Its hard to take picture when you are in the actual wedding party, so mine consisted mostly of drunk happy classy people at the reception!

E's photographer nancy gould photography posted a sneak peak of her wedding shots, and I got super excited and had to share! Nancy has a very cool wedding blog, much like another favorite in SoCal, where if you like weddings, you'll find yourself gazing at their pix for hours! Plus if you're planning a wedding, its always good to figure out what types of shots you want included on your special day..

A few pics from Nancy's Blog.

The newlyweds!! Oooo they were glowing! The wedding was at Wychmere Harbor Club in Cape Cod, and it was supposed to be T-storms [a bride's worst nightmare.. when you start checking weather.com 10 days before your wedding and see the showers image], but there was not one rain drop the entire day!!

The Ladies shot. Yes, I know I look about 1 foot shorter than the rest of the girls. Every time there's a group shot i try to make my way into the middle but shortness ensues and i'm guided to stand on the end! (except on my wedding day, that was the only exception!! yayyy!)

E got to pose with some sexy Fishermen at Chatham Pier!! The groom gave each of the fishermen a beer after this pic!

These name tags were one of the few paper treats I made for the bride!

And stop by here and check out the rest of the gorgeous pictures! I want to renew my vows now. eeeek! And if you live in New England.. and need a wedding photographer.. I'm just sayin..


And a few amateur shots from the camera of yours truly! Probably with a glass of white wine in my other hand while taking the pix...

Me and Mama Q

I was obsessed with E's cake! The adirondak chairs caketopper were so cool! Plus it had strawberries inside.

Some hometown ladies..

I should offer my live-tweeting during weddings, then maybe I shall score some more invites!!

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Katelin said...

aw you guys look so cute. yay weddings! i'm getting so excited with mine. :)

Susan said...

You guys look awesome! I'm in a wedding this weekend, I can't wait.

The Northerner said...

what pretty shots! 10 day forecasts should be outlawed. they are never accurate and cause so much anxiety for brides everywhere!

weezermonkey said...

You look gorgeous!

So are you friends with amazons or what? Because I think I'm shorter than you, right?

emrlds said...

so beautiful! i love the pictures on the blog of the kids dancing, hilarious.
i'm in for the live-tweeting at weddings. we should probably just start crashing. thoughts?

brookem said...

great pictures! you all look so pretty!

Julie Q said...

Katelin- oh i know! i want to plan another wedding now. Can't wait to hear more details about yours :)

Susan- yay! the weather sounds like its going to be pretty nice on friday and saturday! post pix :)

Northerner- haha i think you and I were in the same boat with checking weather.com 10 days before the wedding. heck, i do it for EVERY wedding i'm going to. its a vicious cycle.

WeeMo- i know, right? I think i happened to be on the downward slope of the grass, but there were quite a few tall ladies in the mix.

Emrlds- we would be totally low key about being wedding crashers. UNTIL. shout! came on and then we'd blow it.

Brookem- Awww Thanks! It also didn't hurt to have nancy's magical camera to bring out the fierceness in the group. lol

Miss Gallery Place said...

love love love the bridesmaids dresses - where were they from :)

awesome pict0rs :D

SassyGirl said...

That cake is gorgeous!
I'm not necessarily a fan of weddings, but I do enjoy events where everyone is dressed up, and you girls certainly were!

Elizabeth said...

Cute blog!

That fisherman pose is going to make such a good story for the new couple :)

Elizabeth said...

You all look so great--what a beautiful wedding!

I had so many wedding last year, but only a couple this year. They're fun, but I am saving a lot of money!

Julie Q said...

Heidi- thanks! The dresses were by 'Siri' (no, not Suri Cruise like I originally thought!)

Sassy Girl and Elizabeth- Thanks for stopping by!! The Cake & the Fisherman pix were two of my favs too :)

Elizabeth- YES, completely agree. Weddings can add up, so the fewer spread out, the more you can go all out!!