August 19, 2009

Animals & History & Yelpers.. oh my!

Got a lovely invite to the Yelp Boston Red Carpet Party this past Tuesday. Usually when Boston is going through a Heatwave, it is best to stay put in your living room with your DVR remote in hand. But this was the perfect excuse to head out to Cambridge and go have some fun. My date for the evening was the infamous Caroline. 'Julie, its a 14 minute walk from the T.. and I'm wearing Christian Louboutins....' Fear not.. she made it just fine.

While I did not manage to see Ryan Seacrest on the Red Carpet, it was still pretty fun. We took a Prom-like picture (we called it Real Housewives Pose) in front of the Yelp Cameraman, and then it was time to head in. It was held at the Harvard Natural History Museum, and I don't know what better way to get JQ into a museum but bribe her with booze & tasty treats from some of the best restaurants in Boston!

Spread throughout the whole 3rd floor were fun little stops. We had cupcakes from Sweet!

Had to get a shot of Caroline's heels with the Cupcakes. Stay classy!

Empanadas from Masa Restaurant!

There was even a section where you could get your hair did, makeup done, nails manicured, eyebrows plucked.. but since I am always red carpet ready, I did not have to wait in line for this. Just kidding. I had to head out early.. blerg!

Then it got scary. I wondered off to the Taxidermy section. I remember when I was a kid I used to love looking at the animals, but now? I freaked the eff' out!!!!!!!!! I couldn't even walk through the room. Finally, I put on a brave front because I knew the Hippo wanted to be on the blog. But the bears & the lions? Sorry darlings. Too scary! Maybe I will face my fears and give it another shot some time.

Thank you Yelp Boston!

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weezermonkey said...

How fun! Nice venue!

brookem said...

sounds like fun!
i don't like those animals either!

emrlds said...

cupcakes, hippos, and bloggers! how did i ever miss this? haha. i love the picture of you and hank. (hank? howie? something.)
and caroline's shoes? AMAZING.

Katelin said...

oh this looks like so much fun. and um that hippo is a little scary, haha.

Susan said...

The animals in that place were crazy! I got a cupcake from Sweet to go thinking I would eat it the next day, I couldn't wait - I devoured it when I got home.

Julie Q said...

WeeMo- aren't you like a yelper VIP??? They must have real red carpet parties for you in LA!

Brookem- I know, right? How did I get more paranoid around big stuff animals?

Emrlds- I know, I couldn't stop looking at her dorothy-like gold pumps. if it has sequins, i'm most likely a fan.

Katelin- I know, as soon as that picture had snapped, i bolted out of that room!

Susan- kudos to you for being able to walk out of that place with a Sweet Cupcake! i could not have done the same.

Abagale said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


linabeau said...

i love being semi-famous in the blogosphere. *sigh* i'm making the hubs take me back there in flats so that i can walk through all the deadimals. (ps my word verification is "swooffyi" haha.)

Julie Q said...

Abagale- thank you for stopping by!! Glad you said hello :)

Linabeau- omg. please make sure you wear a helmet when walking into the danger zone. Also, might not be as fun when there is no martini at the end of the hallway!!