August 25, 2009

A Closer Look

  • This Nautical Montage on Style Carrot makes me want to give myself a Anchor Tattoo on my arm, eat a can of spinach, OR just get a lake home and decorate it super sweet.
  • Karen O's single for Where the Wild Things are has dropped on MySpace. Who doesn't love spelling and little kids singing along in a song. Warning: its already stuck in my head. Can't wait to see this movie! October 16th!!
  • 25 Manliest movies ever made, according to EW. How come there isn't a 25 Girliest movies ever made? OH wait, I know.. because I could name at least 128 of them at the snap of a finger. And to cut them down to 25 would be as impossible as picking who your favorite contestant on A Real Chance of Love is. (mine's Mamacita)
  • Note: I still have Karen O's 'All is Love' song playing on repeat as I type. It's damn catchy.
  • I think all Beaches & Pools should have a Dog Lifeguard on watch!
  • I know we should be super excited that awesome TV is coming our way in less than a month, but is it weird that I wonder when Millionaire Matchmaker is coming back?
  • Sick of reading my blog? Time lists the 50 best websites of 2009. Its okay to look.

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weezermonkey said...

Karen O is my hero.

Sarah said...

I so, so <3 "A Closer Look."

I like the nautical homes.

Katelin said...

i can't wait to see 'where the wild things are', it looks amazing.

emrlds said...

i have a dream of a navy and white living room with kelly green pillows. preferably with anchors on them.

you're not helping my problem.

Julie Q said...

WeeMo- I did remember you're a big fan

Sarah- yayyyy i'm glad you like A Closer Look.

Katelin- YES! And October is coming up so soon!!

Emrlds- hmmmm well since we dont shop ever, we probably won't get to decorate a room like that. hmmmmm