August 11, 2009


  • renovating my hallway. a small little hallway, that has taken so far 15+ hours to make faboolooos. ofcourse, bluetape is not my friend, and I have to wait 1 more day to finish. The best part? I based the wall color off of Kelly & Donna's 90210 beach house- with a Behr pastel color called Sweet Juliet. Donna Martin would be proud. Reveal coming soon!
  • waiting for this to arrive in the mail! Yummy Mummy posted about it and I ordered it right away (no- her blog isn't!) SPEAKING of YM. I won a kickass Giant Cupcake from Partyworks on her blog and I have to figure out when to order/pick it up before the end of the month! Ohhh the stresses I stress over :)
  • Counting down the days til the best shows ever to come back. Mad Men, Always Sunny, Curb your Enthusiasm... hold up... I should be brushing up on their last seasons by watching the DVDs! And can I just request that True Blood be picked up for 25 more episodes this season? Its the best tv out there these days.
  • Bloggers, Bloggers, everywhere! If it ain't about the blog, ya know i just don't care. Its awesome meeting some new cool chicks & this summer alone has been crazy with stuff going on. LivitLovit is in town on Friday. While I have a concert earlier in the night I hope to join the crew of local ladies and their poor guys who have to partake in a blogger meetup (my hubs included!)
  • CRACKING UP over this chick's blog! I think she should devote her entire blog to conversations with her mother (gchat, phone... i want it all)

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Yummy Mummy said...

Love your inspiration, love the poster, love Curb and True Blood, Love that Blog.....oh and I love you!

Let's get us bloggers together again soon! You know that's where it's at!


emrlds said...

can't wait to see the fierce-ness that is your hallway. the 90210 house was my fav. i mean, if it added a little serafina, it'd be heaven. and friday? stalk me. thankssssss.

brookem said...

oh my god i LOVED the nine-oh beach house! your new hallway sounds fab, can't wait to see it.

and can't wait to see you on friday!

hannahjustbreathe said...

Ohhhh so excited for the impromptu blogger get together on Friday!! I'll have to try really hard not to spill my beer all over everyone in excitement. Yep, I'm cool like that.

LiLu said...

YESSSSSS. I am so stoked for Friday! :-)

And I cream at my panties at the mention of Mad Men or Always Sunny's return... SO EXCITED!!!

Katelin said...

yay for blogger meetups and cupcakes, i'm sort of jealous of both.

Julie Q said...

YM- you KNOW the feeling is mutual :)

Emrlds- I thought about Serafina in the beginning, but really, besides a shower curtain, what else serafina could i rock in the hallyway! lol

Brookem- concert and boozing. FUN!

Hannah- you can totally spill, but just as long as its miller lite or white wine!

LiLu- I dont even know what to expect of you on Friday :)

Katelin- if you ever came to boston, I would call up my good friend the Mayor, and declare it a Local Holiday.

Maxie said...

I'm so jealous of your boston blogger meetup!!