August 5, 2009

The weather is here. Wish you were beautiful.

'Have fun... but don't get too attached to Charleston' -my mom after hearing me rave about how much I was LOVING our trip, within 4 hours of being there.

By Sunday morning, we were throwing around ideas about how to move there. But I think my Sweet Tea had been spiked with Happy Thoughts and Southern Fairy Dust, because as fun and amazing it was, we're true Massholes, and would not know what to do with ourselves in such a peaceful, simple, fabulous place.

So yeah, getting back to the birthday weekend. What a lovely time. We headed out on an early flight Friday AM, and were walking the cobblestone streets in Low country by 10:30am. We stayed at the Harborview Inn, and it lived up to all my expectations (High A/C Voltage and Sweet Tea was pretty much on the top of the list).

When we got off the plane, a huge wool blanket of humidity wrapped itself around us, welcoming us to the South. Usually I am an overpacker, but this was the first place where I wore every. single. article. of clothing. Due to the wardrobe changes you'd have to do about 3 times a day, since you'd be sweating after you walked 2 blocks in the sun.

Oyster shooters!!

View from our Hotel Lobby.

All the shops, restaurants, sites and bars are within walking distance.

A few more fun/hilarious parts of the trip:

I call her the Lacoste Dog, because she hugged herself around the Water Bowl the store had put out for doggies on such a hot day! Yes, we travel all the way to Charleston, just to shop at a Lacoste :) we hit up local shops and Margaritaville as well (where I bought a notepad that had the post title on it.. classic!)

This place had the most amazingly potent frozen drinks in the wall. Ambiance = excellent.

Some mansions in Battery Park.

The horses were nagging each other during this tour.

Kenny Powers made an appearance on the Jet Ski.Hubs and the statuesque Mr. Calhoun.


'But how does that thing fold up into a little tiny car?!' -checking out the Transformer-esque thing in the background.

We were on a boat! We went for a 2 hour sailboat ride in the Harbor. Saw some war stuff, hungry pelicans, and a celebrity sighting.. a DOLPHIN!

We finally caved and hitched a ride with a Bike Cab after the Schooner ride. $9 for .4 mile ride!! I was shocked, but then suddenly okay with it, because I was in Charleston.

So many fun Rooftop decks in Charleston. These 2 pix were taken from the Vendue Inn, where they have a sweet bar and a fabulous view of the Harbor. This roofdeck was setting up for a wedding (1 of 4 weddings I saw over the wknd)

Hotel had Champagne waiting in the room on Friday Evening, with a note wishing me a Happy Birthday.. I dont even remember telling them it was my bday!

Fresh Milk & Cookies served 9pm every night. As well as a Wine & Cheese party every day at 5pm.This almost looks healthy, am I right??

I noticed this Rickshaw driver had a Rickshaw tattoo on his calf. Frickin' awesome! I should get a blog tat.

And if you're still reading this post **ridiculous alert** I saw a chick getting arrested for shoplifting! She was getting escorted out of a shop on King St. (rhymes with Shmurban Shout-hitters) Hubs was like 'OMG' when I busted out the camera and started taking paparazzi pix.

I think everyone should hit up Charleston for some rocking out and relaxing. And if you do, shoot me and email, I'll send you a link to the rest of the 200 gor-jas pix I took over the weekend.

talk soon. Carolina Girl


Susan said...

I'm glad you had such an amazing birthday weekend! I love that there are so many roof decks and wish I could have a random dolphin encounter! You have convinced me to go, I am going. As soon as I get some of these weddings out of the way...

The Northerner said...

we never made it to Charleston when we were living in NC, but I still want to visit really really bad!

emrlds said...

I hope Gus grabbed a pair of those yellow pants before you left! Glad it was a great trip. I'll be sure to head down there post-humidity season. ;)

Kristen said...

Beautiful pictures! I never thought I would love the south, but this makes me think it's a possibility.

brookem said...

sounds like a great birthday weekend! happy belated bday, by the way!

Sarah said...

So Jealous! Although, sadly, the thing I want to be there the most for is the wall of frozen drinks at Margaritaville. YUM!

Miss Gallery Place said...

omfg. that paparazzi pict0r is AMAZING!!! You are totes the next perez ;)

love charleston, i'm dying to visit, my former roomie went to school down there and totally talked/s it up CONSTANTLY. glad you had a good time but sorry i missed you in beantown last weekend!

Julie Q said...

Susan- Thanks! Let me know when you're going. I might be planning sometime in March when there's a Wine & Food Festival :)

The Northerner- there were a bunch of people we met from NC that were hitting up SC for a wknd getaway. that's funny you mentioned that!

Emrlds- I made Gus go for the salmon colored pants, Obvi.

Kristen- I NEVER thought I'd plan my dream getaway to the south. i was more of a Aruba,Bahamas type of gal, but i'm officially changed :)

brookem- thanks!! Can't wait for the partay tonite

Sarah- that place was actually called Wet Willie's and it had an AMAZING guitar player doing covers all evening.

Miss Gallery Place- I know! That stinks it was the same weekend, can't wait to hear how your Bparty was!!

Katelin said...

um i am so incredibly jealous of your trip. i have friends that got married here last year and i was so bummed i couldn't make it out because man it looks beautiful and so much fun! love all the pics. and your sailboat pic of you looks so magazinesque, sort of love it.

LiLu said...

No way!!! I was just there- and at that bar- a couple months ago! I even remember that sign about the 18% gratuity. We've had drinks in the same exact spot!

Julie Q said...

Katelin- i wish i had friends in Charleston! I would visit them about every other weekend!!!

LiLu- that place is called Wet Willie's and it had the best coverband guy rocking out on the guitar all evening = my idea of the perfect night