August 17, 2009

When did I get so old?

I feel like this is going to be an Andy Rooney-esque post. Beware.

So I went to the OAR concert in Boston last Friday. I was so excited for the show, because in college it was the best time ever. They played at the rowdy bars in Rochester, and I had so much fun rocking out to the live music.

WELP... those memories are gone. We hit up Bank of America Pavillion and as soon as I got within a block on the Pier, I saw them. The teenagers. They were everywhere. Braces, Cigarettes, Drunk girls throwing up in the Bathroom, Sketchy old guys praying on the hoochy under-dressed girls. It was like I was in a South Park Episode. For reals.

I think we stayed for about 4 songs before I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't even HEAR them playing because we were sitting in concourse A aka the tables in the back (um.. hello! $24.99 tickets purchased on service free Wednesday thank you very much!)

I didn't even know most of the songs they were playing! At least Megabrooke and Katrina were at the concert going through the same crisis I was!! So I txted them to come over to our side and vented with them for a bit.

Moral of the story, the only time I will be rocking out to OAR is in my car. (which isn't too bad actually)

Next up? Gray hairs.

Last year I found 2 of them. I refused to touch them. I would leave my desk during work just to walk up to the mirror and look for them, it was almost comforting. I was obsessed with them. Now? There are like 7-8 more bitches among my scalp. And they are not cute. I even noticed one sticking out in a Charleston pic.

Look close. Right in the middle of my head. Its like 2 inches long, sticking out! Ali told me its just an extra special blond hightlight, bless her heart.

BUT, you want to know what makes me feel young? Meeting up with some fun bloggers after the OAR concert. LivitLuvit, Megabrooke, The Martha Girls, Emrlds, Caroline, Susan, Julie & some new local ladies I've just started reading. Good times!

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ohhayitskk said...

a similar thing happened to me at a dave matthews concert this summer. oh the horror!

brookem said...

at least friday was a nice night in the city for an outdoor concert....? it was still fun, people watching and all with you!
and then going out after! i had so much fun!

ps- you cannot even see any grey hairs in that pic and definitely not in person!

emrlds said...

um, i definitely picked up an $8 box this weekend to make my grays die a slow painful death. or, at least get painted really pretty. whatever.
so glad i got to see you and the gus on friday. sangria SOON.

weezermonkey said...

I've started going gray.

But I'm 32. :P

willikat said...

Sorry for your Andy Rooney mood. I'm in the same mood.

Susan said...

I feel like that a lot at concerts! So I love going to concerts like the Allman brothers and Journey, because the generation shift is in my favor. And I have so many gray hairs, I hate it. And, such a fun blog meetup!

Karen said...

I had the same thing happen at a Dave Matthews concert, too -- decided I couldn't handle lawn seats anymore after teens threw up near / threw pretzels at us. However, paying the extra for actual seats? Totally worth it.

Also, sadly, since I have red hair I go straight to white. Barely 30 years old with white hair! Yowza! When it gets bad, I recommend Perfect 10 by L'Oreal :)

weltsie said...

I started getting grey hairs around 24... the number stayed down in the single digits for a while.... until law school! Now I can no longer count how many I have (and I'm only 28)!

For the record, you look AMAZING and I cannot see any grey hairs whatsoever. However, if it's something that bothers you, just yank 'em or better yet: use it as a good excuse to get some highlights. :-)

Julie Q said...

ohhayitskk- oh- hay kk! don't know why i just said that outloud when i read your name, but i did. OMG i felt that way about DMB concerts WHEN I WAS A TEEN! I always got separated from my friends and tried to spend hours figuring out how i'm getting home rather than enjoying the show!

brookem- you are WAY too kind! And yes, I admit, it was still a fun time since we got quite a few laughs in during the ordeal!

emrlds- me and the gus had fun seeing you too! hahahaha

WeeMo- have I not been writing anything exciting to you lately?!? -your 5 years younger friend, if i did my math correctly there.

willikat- we need to get out of this CBS Demographic mood!!!!

susan- i know! I started looking into what old peoples shows i should start seeing. but now i'm going to put my effort towards finding smaller venues with live bands at bars.

Karen- another DMB example! can you buy me a good ticket for my next concert? cos i cannot justify that! (still sounding like A-Rooney here) i'd rather buy clothes, makeup, songs on iTunes, vacation, dog toys, groceries...etc

weltsie- hooray for family members leaving some love on the blog!!!!! I shall stuck plucking the grays soon, but i hope that old wives tale of picking one, growing in 20 is incorrect!!!

Katelin said...

okay i say you come see OAR when they come to LA, so much better and not nearly as many crazies. because man i love them.

Hopers said...

I hear ya. Damn kids won't get off my lawn.