September 24, 2009

Dog days of Television

This is what I felt like when Season 2 of Trueblood ended.

But now I have GG, 90210, Curb, Glee, ANTM, HIMYM, Office, Greys, The Antonio Project, SOA, House, Always Sunny, DH and a bunch I have yet to sink my DVR into... so i'z happy now.

What's your favorite show back this fall?

(Sad pup via imgur, Happy pup via ihasahotdog)

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weezermonkey said...

OMG, that pug is soooooo sad! I love both pics. Super adorable.

andrea said...

Definitely Sunny...Maybe Curb.
And I am liking a lot of the new shows, like Bored to Death and Modern Family. I like that my life is back to watching endless hours of television:)

emrlds said...

I want to steal that pug, so flipping cute. and tv? AMAZING. need DVR, well, yesterday. thank god for hulu and my boss having meetings.

thatShortChick said...

the picture of the first pug is EXACTLY how I looked and felt after Nurse Jackie was done in August.

but now...I have a huge happy face for GLEE (just saying it makes me happy. I know, I'm a DORK), The Office, Parks&Recreation, 30 Rock (soon) and Grey's.

Katelin said...

i'm so excited for how i met your mother, top model and grey's. oh man just all of them, haha.

Playful Professional said...

I'm watching Grey's now. Oh man.

Susan said...

Fall TV is the BEST. I am going to watch last night's Mad Men now!