September 10, 2009

I am Special

*After the Missing Dog post, I realized that little kids do the darnedest things!

Behold, something my mom was just WAITING to give hand over to her daughter, the blogger.

A book by an 5 year old Julie Q, titled, respectively.. I'm Special.

Pretty accurate Self Portrait.

Apparently my favorite color was blue. That must have been influenced by the smurfs.

As you can tell by my favorite foods as a young child, I had already been effected by the way Magazine's mess with a woman's self confidence. Diet soda for this 5 year old. Just kidding, I didn't make myself addicted to Diet Coke until I was at least 10.

I loved Winter. Because that's when all the killer Snowman dressed in black came out to play?

Other favorites consisted of Walt Disney (obvi), Vanilla Ice Cream, Peter Pan, and Turkey and Stuffing.

Jeeeeeeze, I didn't know I was a snorefest when I was a little kid. I wonder when I became so sassy? And yeah, had I known how entertaining it is to see the dumb crap you made as a kid, I would've had my mom save EVERYTHING. Even those 'middle school notes' you used to write to all your BFFs. Seriously.. what I would do to read just one of those.

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weezermonkey said...

Beyond awesome.

Yummy Mummy said...

Rolling on the floor. So freaking cute!


hannahjustbreathe said...

I like how your earrings aren't even attached to your ears in that self portrait... :)

brookem said...

ha, this is adorable!
i used to have three shoe boxes filled with middle school/high school notes. damn i wish i still had them!

emrlds said...

this just made my day.

Sarah said...

I actually have some of my friends middle/high school notes to me. Some are literally illegible with all the code. Dorks!

ohhayitskk said...

i believe i spy a tab soda in there. loves it.

Gemini said...

that was too adorable!

Katelin said...

haha love the self portrait, seriously so cute. then again i think all things kids color/draw/write are adorable.

willikat said...

Um, I think the flair was still there. Look at the extra lines on the "E" in "Julie", page one. You always stood out!

LiLu said...

I KNOW I have some of those notes hidden somewhere back at my parents'... I really need to hunt and find some of those.

Julie Q said...

WeeMo- I was inspired by the best! You posted one of your masterpieces a few months back :)

Yummy Mummy- PLEASE, save all of LM's stuff (I know you're already on it!)

Hannah- plus, i'm surprised they weren't sparkly diamonds.. nope, they were brown circles. lol

Brookem- Ahhh at least you remember where they were! I think my bro had the same thing (all the girls used to write him love letters)

Emlds- Can't beat your Michael Jackson pic, but I tried :)


oh, Hey KK!- I swear if you asked me if i've ever had Tab soda, I would've said never!

Gemini- thanks!! My 5 year old self tries.

Katelin- yes! Now I understand why mom blogs are such a hit- if I had a kid I'm post this stuff all the time lol. until then, its pictures of my dogs!

Willikat- HAHA I noticed that too!! I was like.. wow, what a diva (or future illiterate special child)

LiLu- judging by your blog now- I'd most likely subscribe $24.99 a month to read your notes from highschool.

LiLu said...

Ahahaha! That will be my mission for Christmas!

P said...

I wished my mum saved all the stuff from my childhood. I recently asked her if she had the newspaper clipping of me meeting Rolf Harris as a kid and she couldn't even find THAT! :(

punchitin said...

Wow, Tab! My mom's former favorite soda! Haven't seen one of those cans in a while ...