September 8, 2009

Like I need another TV Show..

Today is the official launch of Fall TV. kldaskl;sfdjklsdfldfsl;dfs!

While most of the shows don't start until the end of the month, tonite is the Season Premiere of Sons of Anarchy: Season 2 on FX. I'd never really heard about it before, but after seeing the commercials during Rescue Me, we knew it'd be worth a shot. After a $29.99 purchase on iTunes (APPLE TV is the best!) we had Season 1 just waiting for us to dive into.

If you like The Shield, or The Wire, or any HBO Show... you MUST start watching this show. Even the Hubs loves it!

Its about a Motorcycle gang in Northern Cali... and they are fierce. Plus I can't decide which of the 8 main characters I like the best! Peggy Bundy also is in it, and she looks about 20 years younger NOW. Plus I love seeing all these actors from other shows I like (Sopranos, Deadwood, The Shield, Henry Rollins)Plus she is the Queen Bee that no one messes with. Really a poster girl for getting older.

I am telling you- give the Pilot episode a shot on iTunes (or Netflix) for less than $2. Its only Season 2 premiering tonite so it won't be too difficult to catch up!

oh yah. will most likely be checking out Melrose Place too.

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emrlds said...

all this means is that i have another show to watch. STOP IT.

LiLu said...

Dude. I heard this was good. Then I saw a preview last night. And now THIS?

Okay, world. I'm IN.

Julie Q said...

Oooo I know both of you would love this show! Except the season premiere urked me last night........