October 25, 2009

Boston Blogtoberfest Recap

Recently I hit up Boston Blogtoberfest '09 .. the name alone explains why I was stoked about attending. Obvi.

It was hosted by Jenny of All Eyes on Jenny and it was at 28 Degrees in Boston.

There were yummy appetizers and a pretty decently priced list of cocktails.

....which were beautifully captured, above, by Pam of Cave Cibum

It was fun to run into some friends I have seen in awhile, as well as new ones I'd just met recently!

Above: Sarah of Pink Shoe Diaries and the awesomely awesome Peter

Above: Alicia of The Clean Plate Club

And a few who missed the JQ Paparazzi... BeccaEmrlds, Elizabeth & John. Plus Kristen Haley who I friended via twitter after the event!

I didn't win the raffle, but what a GREAT get-together!! But no worries, the next day I booked my appointment for Hawt on Yelp, an amazing deal going on with Boston spas, if you book an appointment between Nov 2-8 and mention 'Hawt on Yelp' you can get some awesome deals for 50% off! I'm getting a much needed facial since my current 'issue' with skin care. Cannot. wait.

Plus I'm pretty sure Hawt on Yelp is going on in many other cities so definately look it up!

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Maxie said...

What a cool idea. I wish there was a blogtoberfest around here!

Lexi said...

Hi! I'm a Boston blogger, and never hear of these events and would love to meet other bloggers in the area. Do you have any suggestions on how to go about doing that? That sounded like a fun even!

The Northerner said...

I just looked and they are doing Hawt on Yelp in DC too! Thanks for giving me the heads up :)

thatShortChick said...

such a cool event...wish they would come to Charlotte!

Julie Q said...

Maxie- you know you have an all access pass to any boston blogger event ever :)

Lexi- welcome!! Definitely just start following boston bloggers on twitter, cos that's where you'll see people mentioning upcoming events. Don't be shy either! Join in any conversations on twitter aka the easiest way to make blogger BFFs :) i'm @julieq on twitter btw

Northerner- isn't it awesome! great excuse to pamper yourself

Julie Q said...

thatShortChick - seriously, all you get is Kate Goslin. hahaha just kidding. did you look up if 20something bloggers has a Charlotte group?? STart it up!

We Are Not Martha said...

Looks like so much fun!!! I actually went to this 2 years ago I think? I didn't know a soul and it was in the basement of the Pour House. Actually, I believe it was my first blogger meet-up. We've come a long way!!


Alicia said...

Great to see you as always!!!

emrlds said...

remember the first time i commented on here? that was great. and some blogger god deleted it. JERK!
Anywhozzle - i still want to steal that chandelier from 28 degrees and soak up about 800 more cocktails with sarah, peter, and everyone else.
sound good? ok thanks.

Katelin said...

oh how fun! there needs to be a blogtoberfest over here now so i can meet more LAers :)

Susan said...

So fun! I wish I could have gone. Glad we're scheming our own :)