October 11, 2009

Oh.. hello there!

JQ, your 1 post every 1.7 weeks is truly riveting.

I know, I've been a lazy blogger. But I tweet all the time, I swear!

A few things I've been up to lately and haven't been able to blog about because of course my real camera was MIA. And my Google Phone camera completely sucks [You'll see]

  • Tweetup with some Boston Foodies! When I saw these lovely ladies tweeting about taking a Cooking Class, I immediately begged and pleaded asked if I could join in! I'm special when it comes to cooking, and its really something that I have to face my fears and just learn how to do it. While discussing possible classes, it turned into that we must all get together and meet up for a drink. My kind of ladies! I met up at Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge with these ladies:

Alicia from The Clean Plate Club
Jessie from how2heroes
Carissa from Starving Artist
Megan from Delicious Dishings
Lara from Good Cook Doris
Molly from molly is hungry
Erin from Cheap Eats Examiner

These are all really fun sites, check them out! And the how2heroes might just be my saving grace in the kitchen.

Its funny when you go to the bar waiting for Bloggers/Tweeters, its like an awkward blind date. You see an attractive lady walk into the bar and you try to shrink their head to the size of the icon next to their twitter pic to see if there's a match. Then you put yourself out there saying.. are you here for the tweetup? Imagine if they weren't? They'd be like.. no, but Chris Hanson from To Catch a Predator is probably going to pop up out of no where and say hello...

So when I mentioned my G1 Camera Phone absolutely blows? I wasn't kidding. This is a pic I tried to grab of the table..

  • Did some minor celeb stalking when I found out Cameron Diaz was filming in the area. Except of course she was filming inside the house, and you couldn't not see one smidge of CamDiaz AKA pretty boring. Once I realized they did not need me on set, it wasn't worth waiting around. I will check out the movie 'Wichita' when it comes out though since its got Boston in the background!
  • I also grabbed some Sunday brunch at Deep Ellum with Yummy Mummy & Legally Brunette, some more local favs.. ALWAYS a fabulously entertaining date when those two are involved.
  • Saw The September Issue! I ended up going by myself and had such a lovely afternoon. Granted I felt a little intimidated seeing Anna on the big screen when I'm sitting there in sweatpants, but she hardly noticed... Totally recommend seeing it- even if you wait til it comes to DVD. The timing was perfect too because with all these magazines going out of print- you realize why when you see how much money goes into some of these Photo Shoots.
  • And last but not least, I painted my kitchen BRIGHT PINK.. i mean.. Salmon.

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weezermonkey said...

Your phone camera does suck! LOL! Bring your real on next time! ;)

thatShortChick said...

I completely forgot September Issue was out! I need to check my movie listings to see if it's even playing here.

emrlds said...

your phone has ruined my hopes of the serafina dress. you are being shunned.

Creategirl said...

How fun!! I am so bummed I missed out on your tweet up though so funny since I have been looking for a pasta making class....a wee bit ambitious! And yes people she really does tweet often and is so entertaining : )