October 16, 2009

shop and donate

For those newbies to the JQ Lounge, I like to point out some products in October that benefit Breast Cancer Research.

Real Simple mentioned this Conditioner created by Philip Kingsley that was inspired by his wife’s experience with chemotherapy. Its called No Scent No Colour Conditioner for sensitive and delicate scalps. $1 from the sale goes to the Look Good…Feel Better program.

Nordstroms has a couple of cute offerings in their Think Pink section! Check all of them out, here. My favs are the Hot Pink New Balance Sneakers. I j'adore New Balance, that is our family brand of choice.

Bank of America offers a Pink Ribbon Check Card and Pink Ribbon Credit Card that donates to the Susan G Komen for the Cure.

I bought this Lip Gloss last year, and I love love LOVE it! It smells and tastes delish, and its only $10 from Sephora. Its part of their Sephora 'Beauty with a cause' section. Everyone can use a pretty pink lip gloss, right?

While I personally love October because of attention Breast Cancer Research receives in our society, Boston.com had an interesting read titled 'Sick of Pink' bringing up the other side about how most of these items exploit the disease. BUT I look at it light heartedly and will continue to show my support to Blogging Pink in October.

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April Elizabeth said...

i pretty much need those sneakers!!!! This is such an awesome post. I cant really afford to buy anything right now, but as soon as i can i will be buying these things.. particularly those sneakers.

emrlds said...

i likes it.

Susan said...

This is such a good roundup! And I love those sneakers too.

ohhayitskk said...

thanks for posting these girl! not only am i looking for new sneaks, my bank of america card, which used to donate to the aids foundation, has just stopped donating, so i was thinking of picking up a new one, and these cards seem perf!