October 26, 2009

Two Blue & JQ Lemons

My friend Sarah and her sister, Anna, have a great foodie blog called Two Blue Lemons. After having tasted one of their recipes when I was at Erica's house drinking white wine and gabbing watching football- I was stoked to try it out myself.

The dish is Penne with Roasted Pepper & Spinach Pumpkin Seed Pesto.. and you must try it out for yourself. They have many other fun recipes too, check them out!

While the complete recipe is, here.. I documented putting this dish together for my mom and hubby on Sunday.


Food Processor.

Chop, chop.

Grill it up.

Paper bag it.

Peel and slice.

Mix it all up.

Throw some GOAT CHEESE on it! [to be yelled to the same tune as Throw some D's on it]

Easy and fun and faboolooooos! Let me know if you try it..

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Jessica said...

Looks delish! and I'm loving your recipe telling style!

emrlds said...

you're completely absurd. i love it.

Gemini said...

Holy Man that looks good!! YUM!

Susan said...

I love it. That goat cheese is what put me over the edge.

Sarah said...

Wahooo! Thanks Julie for featuring Two Blue Lemons! We're so happy you tried this recipe, keep it up and let us know what else you cook up (while chugging wine of course)...

Megan said...

Goat cheese, roasted red peppers, and pesto.. oh yum! This looks great! Love the step-by-step!