November 30, 2009

4 Day Weekends, yes please!

3 Day Weekends are totally overated.

4 Day Weekends are where its at! Everyday feels like a Sunday, but its the fun kinda Sunday where you don't have work the next day.

Saturday (aka Sunday #2) was the 2nd Annual Waddle, put together by my fun friends Caroline, Hailey and Zach. Unfortunately the hubs was sick all weekend, so he was not able to drink with us in Boston while wearing bright neon green tshirts.

The rest of the weekend consisted mostly of watching movies and shopping. I wish I could post the stuff I bought for my mom and brother for Christmas, but unfortunately, they love me and read my blog. Boo!

Some pix...

Getting ready for the jog to the first bar!

Met some kick ass new people!

And finally, the group shot!

Awesome, fun time as usual!

As mentioned before, hubs was sick, so we watched way too many movies this weekend. A quick Yay or Nay for Movie Rentals, according to yours truly.

Funny People: I get why some people didn't like this movie. I LOVED the acting, and the 'comedian' story line part to it.. it drags off when Leslie Mann's character enters the movie, about 1.5 hours after the movie starts. Still, I recommend it as a rental. The jokes and banter was smart and entertaining.

Four Christmases: I wanted to see this in the theatre last year, but I'm glad I didn't! I didn't like this movie at all. There were like 3 funny jokes in it, but other then that, it was crappy casting, and crass stupid jokes. Surprisingly good group of actors who signed onto the movie too! They could not save it though. I'd watch this if someone else paid for the rental fee.

My Life in Ruins: So I spared hubs from watching this 'sequel' to my Big Fat Greek Wedding. I loved it though! Its silly and corny, but how could you not love seeing such a gorgeous background (GREECE!). I want to go on a trip there so bad!! This is something fun to watch in the meantime.

UP: Amazing. A Must Watch. Trust me.

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weezermonkey said...

Agree re both Funny People and Up.

thatShortChick said...

sucks to hear that about Four Christmases but I'm still going to check it out because it's a christmas movie and I can't resist.

glad you had a good weekend!

Katelin said...

i love the waddle, that sounds like so much fun. and i totally agree, up, is a must see. so cute and so fun and love it.

Sarah said...

Let's go to Greece!!! It's always been my dream place too.

Up killed me. Both times :(

Hopers said...

We watched a ton of movies this weekend as well. One of them was Funny People and I totally agree with your assessment! I was ready for it to be dark, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was so funny. And I definitely wanted to punch Leslie Mann in the face... although I guess maybe that was the point? "The one that got away" is not always so great? All I know is her australian accent was embarrassingly awful!

Susan said...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving weekend! Thank you for helping me sort out my netflix queue!