November 6, 2009

Funny Friday

WHY can I not post this amazing video to my blog? you MUST check out this clip on BuzzFeed, cos it is amazing. If I was a Dog in another lifetime, this is how me and my children would walk around. For reals.

If you have not had the luxury of meeting my dog Rocco, this is the closest thing on Youtube that I can compare to my special buddy. While he's only half bassett (other half rotty) the mannerisms this dog has is spot on!

I'm pretty sure the Palm Pre lady needs a spot on Lost as one of the others. I get freaked out every time I see her on tv.
Mimi, what the Helvetica is going on here? I'm no skinny minnie myself, but I'd be damn sure I wouldn't parade around in a bathing suit like this and bend down like that. It just doesn't look physically possible. And sing on top of it?! Dang, girl! (insert Wendy Williams 'How you doin!')

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Susan said...

I think I'm going to be really looking forward to these Funny Fridays every week :)

That video is amazing. And I agree, Palm Pre lady, creeper.

Kristen said...

I HATE the Palm Pre lady. Every time the commercial comes on my fiance has to put it on mute for me. She's incredibly creepy.

thatShortChick said...

how come I've never seen the palm pre lady?? probably because I rarely pay attention to commercials.

and Mariah just gets a HUGE sigh from me.