November 15, 2009

How fast can you pack for Milan?

Dear Huge Apparel & Fashion Department Store,

Remember when I interviewed for the Buyer Program at your Headquarters 3.5 years ago? And I was crushed when I got that rejection email? BTW, it popped up in my inbox 2 days in a row--really hoping you did that by accident!

No hard feelings because I ended up at an awesome company. Also, I could never hold a grudge because I'm obsessed with shopping at Home Goods. xoxo. kisses.

Plus, I've finally been given the chance to start my own boutique and become a buyer!

Thanks to Style Savvy, my new favorite Nintendo DSi game that Brand About Town sent over! At first, I was too blinded by the gor-jas Lorac makeup gift that accompanied the game, but when I finally sat down and gave it a shot, I was completely hooked. To the point that I found myself playing it until about 11:45pm on a Saturday night (I'm not a total nerd- it was pouring out in Boston and I was recuperating from Miami)

So far, I've sold about $5,400 worth of clothes... won a fashion contest... ordered the spring line 3 months in advance...gotten my hair styled with the latest trends... been featured in a magazine, and this is only one day in. At first I thought the game was going to be for 4 year olds, but seriously... its amazing and smart and entertaining.

To all the ladies who came to my faboolooos Girls Guide to Gaming party this summer, I highly suggest you pick it up! And Katelin- we can play via WiFi and put our boutiques next to each other! You game?

I gotta go.. there's a 30% sale going on at the JQLounge.. my clients need my fashion advice.

Ciao bellas.

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Susan said...

I got it too! I am hooked.

Katelin said...

okay just going back and looking at this again as i write my review and we can play via wifi!!!! that's amazing. must discuss because i am certifiably obsessed with this game and played it nonstop over the weekend, matt most definitely made fun of me, haha.

but yes! let's play! woo!