November 28, 2009

Vlogged: Driving through the Notch

So I've been going through all of the files we had on our old computer and came across this gem.

Hubs and I (fiances at the time) back in 2006 taking a drive through Smuggler's Notch in Vermont.

Note: I drove a Kia Sportage for a 2 years after college which I managed to name drop many times during taping when I had to buy my own car. No matter how broke you feel outside of college, never get one of those! I should have just asked Xibit to bring my 1990 Acura Legend [my first love car thanks to mom] back to life with a new engine..

Note Note: C'mon, how have we not gotten an offer for a Reality Show. We're a good time! We talk about Dinosaurs.

Note Note Note: if you haven't guessed or made the assumption by any of my posts... I'm a pretty loud person.

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