December 13, 2009

Cookin' with Q

Today is my Father-in-Law's birthday! I wanted to make something fun to bring to brunch, and after seeing Susie's creation over at We Are Not Martha, I knew exactly what I would make. BLT Stuffed Tomatoes!

I went with the Rachel Ray recipe- and while it said it was only 30 minutes to prepare, it took me about an hour and a half. But that is also factoring my hangover from the champagne I consumed at Kelly's wedding last night as well.

First you scalp and gut the cherry tomatoes.

Then you Fry the Bacon.

Then you chop it up, and figure out how to cut an ugly pepper without having to actually touch the odd looking thing.

Then you give your two little helpers the excess bacon bits, which makes their entire week!

After placing pieces of lettuce in each of the tomatoes, you mix the pepper and mayo and throw it in a sandwich bag, and cut the corner so it squirts out like you're icing a birthday cake. Its almost like a birthday cake for guys (since you have mayo and bacon all in one!)

Top it off with bacon, and you got yourself a damn good appetizer to show up with.

Things I learned:

  • These do not travel too well! After the car ride, about every single one of them fell over and I had to stuff them back in. I still managed to look classy doing this in front of the relatives though.
  • I'd experiment with either Blue Cheese or Cream Cheese next time!
  • Bacon makes everything better.

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emrlds said...

i'm confused where you used the vanilla lime candle in the first photo in the rest of the recipe. also, bring some to my house? thanks.

Jessica said...

How cute! And I'm very impressed.. this is a very big task to accomplish.. even without a hangover. I love your demonstration. This may seem like a pretty elementary question to ask but go with me on this one k? How do you write on your pictures??

Megan said...

I had these when Susie made them, and they were delicious! I'm sure yours were delicious too! I think if you had used a smaller tray, where the tomatoes would be pushed up against each other, that would solve your travel woes. Just a tip! :)

Julie Q said...

Emrlds- I forgot! Yes, you are correct, I added candle shavings on top of the bacon bits for a little kick!

Jessica- Not a silly question at all! I use Adobe Illustrator to add text on pick. There are a bunch of similar (free) programs you can download to add text. try :)

Megan- YES! I totally realized the tray was too big (I think the colors distracted me from the size of the tray)

Susan said...

Cookin' with Q - I love it.