December 16, 2009

Help during the Holidays!

Today I read about a sad, sad story that hopefully will have a happy ending. Turtle, an innocent little pitbull was found fighting for her life on Sunday in a city nearby terribly beat up. They think she was a 'bait' dog that is part of a Dog Fighting Circle.

For me, I haven't thought about Dog Fighting since the Michael Vick hoopla that came up again recently after he went back to playing Football.

This terrible act still exists, and evenly more shockingly, its a lot close than you think.

Turtle has good people taking care of her at the Animal Rescue League of Boston and she will be undergoing treatment and care for the next 6 months as her bite wounds heel.

So many people commented about this terrible event, but one comment hit me hard. They basically said to put your money where your mouth is. Which made me think. These shelters have so many animals coming in, whether its dog fighting, foreclosures, or cases where their owners just can't handle it anymore. While I would love everyone to be able to adopt a rescue dog.. it'd be such a nice gift to donate to people who are helping these animals now.

Even if you don't have the extra funds since I know everyone is stressed out with the last minute Christmas shopping. Even $10 would make a difference. I hope you can share the wealth and donate to these innocent creatures who are the most loving of things when given a chance.

Click here to donate!

I just donated $30, in honor of Turtle, the lovable pup hurt this weekend in the Dog Fight. Keeping her in my thoughts and wish I could give her a big gigantic hug. Rocco & Lexie were heartbroken when I told them about dog fighting. They don't get it.

Happy Holidays, to my four legged friends.

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Alicia said...

Great post, and great point. I couldn't agree with you more. I currently live in a place where I cannot have a pet, and can't fathom why anyone would want to hurt any animal. All they want is dinner, a walk and some love. I would do anything to give a shelter pup a home, but since my living conditions don't allow it, I'll make a donation instead!

Thanks for suggesting such a kind act during the holidays!


Susan said...

This was such a great post, Julie.

rialeilani said...

i hate hearing stories like that, it makes me so sad and sick to my stomach. i donate to the local shelters in my area. on a happier note you dogs are adorable. the one in the front's face looks like my scooby :)

willikat said...

F*ck. That makes me FURIOUS. How could a human being do that to an animal???? I would love to get ahold of that person...

What a wonderful reminder that there are lots of furbabies that need love and attention--and cold, hard cash. I give to my local humane society regularly. We adopted Molly as a rescue, and as an older glad we did.

Merry Christmas to you, your cutie hubby, and Roc and Lex.

Jackie said...

We had the same situation happen in DC a few months ago. So awful! I can't believe people treat animals so poorly. It is disgraceful!

Robin said...

This broke my heart. I've always thought, "Geez, if you can't love a creature that never acts selfishly or out of malice, then humans sure better watch out around you!" I don't get cruelty to animals. It makes my heart hurt. On the other hand, thank goodness this one was found and helped. I WILL stop turning off those late-night animal PSAs (which I do because they make me cry) and I WILL make a donation. I promise! And your dogs are magnificent! So stately looking and serious. Better NOT try any nonsense with them!