December 29, 2009

It's Complicated.. and Unrealistic

So I went to go see Its Complicated with my mom the other day. I was totally looking forward to it because of the cast. I loved Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia (btw that movie rocked except for everything having to do with the blogger and/or amy adams. which is hilarious, considering I'm a blogger) and am obsessed with Alec Baldwin's voice ever since he narrated The Royal Tenenbaums <-- one of my favorite movies of all time.

I enjoyed the movie, don't get me wrong! It was a fricked up version of a romantic comedy and don't want to give out any spoilers. The only thing that was awkward during the movie was the fact that it tried to portray them as having a "bad divorce" 10 years ago but now they were civil and friendly around each other- thus leading to an affair (NOT a spoiler if you have seen ANY of the commercials and/or read about it).

Except, Meryl should get a super double Oscar for her role, because there was some serious acting that needed to be done to convince me people can be civil after a divorce. Maybe its more from my experience with my parents splitting up when I was a senior in HS. But yeah, I just would never picture my parents ever getting back together. Plus my mom deserves much better :)

I'd love to hear others thoughts about the flick... especially if you've had experience with divorce. I know this is a very crappy movie review.. obviously I shouldn't take things that personally- but since divorce happens with 1 out of every 2 marriages, I'm sure other people had similar reactions!

BTW: Momma Q's review was that she thought the movie was cute & hilarious, though she did chuckle "Yeah.. that would never happen" as soon as we stepped foot out of the theatre.

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9 comments: said...

i loved the movie. it was really funny and alec baldwin rocked. i didn't think it was unrealistic because there are lots of divorced people that manage to maintain a civil relationship so it wasn't too outta left field to believe that they'd hop in the sack. what i didn't get was the whole sobbing the kids did when they found out. that didn't seem plausible to me. why were they crying? because they want their parents to get back together? or because they don't? all i kept thinking was that if i found out my mother slept with my father again, i'd bitch slap her. i would not break down like a 5 year old. lol.

Jen said...

Actually, the parents of a good childhood friend of mine did get back together 15 years later and got remarried. I do not know how bad their divorce was though.

emrlds said...

i want to see this strictly because if i marry an older man, it'll be alec. obv.

thatShortChick said...

I just saw this yesterday and I liked it. I understand your point of how the whole notion of them getting back together and liking each other again after a bitter divorce is a little off.

but I think on that initial night (in the bar) they were both missing someone or something, had matured considerably (in their feelings toward each other, not just in age), and were just plain ol' drunk.

LiLu said...

Okay THANK YOU. How freaking annoying was Amy Adams? And her gd incessant talking about BLOGGING??? I was ready to punch her by the end.

But Meryl Streep, I worship you.

Robin said...

Hmm, haven't seen it yet. Probably a DVD rental for me when it comes out. However, I have two perspectives on this getting-back-together-after-divorce-thing: my uncle and aunt remarried after a divorce (don't know how bad the divorce was but BOTH marriages sucked, in my opinion, but I was a child); my parents divorced and that will ABSOLUTELY NEVER HAPPEN. So, maybe/maybe not.

Julie Q said...

Kate- you need to comment more because you are hilarious. I didn't get the part about the kids crying either!!!

Jen- welcome! its nice to hear about stories like that! (cos you don't hear that enough)

BeccaEmrlds- while he does play such a good weasel on screen, I'll totally allow you to marry him.

ThatShortChick- I agree with you 100%. The movie was so cute and fab, and it was a perfect scenario for something like that to happen (being vulnerable at your kids graduation with lots of fun booze)- I'm just jaded from experience :)

LiLu- omg we need to have a serious GCHAT going off on Amy Adams character. Or maybe have that Martha Stewart show where her daughter watches old shows and just does commentary. now THAT sounds like a good time :)

Robin- I forgot to write welcome last week with your nice comment about the Dogs & Shelters! {please accept my belated hello} Its nice to have 2 perspectives on this topic, I hope to gain that other side someday :) And I will stop by your blog after this!

P said...

I'm not sure I would watch this, although the adverts for it have looked mildly entertaining. But I agree with your notion that its not entirely realistic.

That being said, I suppose there aren't a lot of movies that ARE realistic... :)

Cramped Kitchen. said...

I wrote my review of sorts here

it's was ok, but there was just too much beige for me. good thing i causually walked into that one after seeing avatar for free.


p.s. i had to use my crampedkitchen blog sign in which i don't use all that much cause there were no other choices for me.