December 14, 2009

Mass Conference for Women '09

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Massachusetts Conference for Women. Over 5,000 women flocked to the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center to listen to some fabulous people and help get motivated and inspired to take over the world (or at least the Common Wealth). And an added bonus? There was.. SHOPPING!

My favorite speaker by far was Suze Orman. I might have even left the event with a slight crush on this leather jacket fiercer than Sasha Fierce woman. I can see why she's so popular, she really does make you get excited about personal finance! It was great to hear her story about how she hit rock bottom and that it was such a blessing in disguise. Only bad thing? No book signing with Ms. Orman, so my dreams of grabbing a pic with her quickly went Kaputttttt. I would like to thank her though for making me update my 401K accordingly. Roth IRA's in the hizhouse!!

I enjoyed hearing our Governor's wife, Diane Patrick talk about her experiences since they (not just her Hubby) won the election. Marcus Buckingham presented a lot of great theories and observations of today's woman and how she can reach her happiest state- even more interesting since he, is obviously a man.

I'd seen many of these ladies on Television before, but up close and in person? They are absolutely gor-jas!

Lunch was a tasty Asian inspired chicken and salad. The ladies looked at me like I was bonkers when I grabbed a quick pic of my meal..

The biggest shock was seeing so many uncomfortable high heels make an appearance at this event! I saw 4 ladies stumble in their heels as well. This is a total Glamour Don't in my eyes!

I came home feeling completely refreshed and inspired and proud to have been among great sassy women. Looking forward to next year's conference already!

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Arielle said...

I was supposed to work at this event except that I had a major project to work on for school so I couldn't. Too funny! Glad you had a good time though =)

Roberta said...

Julie -
Nice recap of the event. Love the pictures! What's your one big takeaway?

Julie Q said...

Arielle, aww that would have been fun to run into you (finally!)

Hi Roberta! To answer your question, I think it was Diane Patrick, who talked about what they expected were her duties as the Governor's First Lady (ie: raising money for new China in the Governor's Mansion, prepping the Mansion Staff- NOTE: they do not even live in the Gov's Mansion!). She represents the new Era of leading ladies who are not just there to host parties and sit there quietly.

weezermonkey said...

Who are these people who have never seen anyone photograph food?

Gemini said...

As I sit here eating leftover chicken and brown rice, I am totally jealous of that asian chicken salad thingy, so thank YOU for the picture! And OMG those shoes are hideous. It reminds me of that witch movie where everyone wore square toes because supposedly that is how you could tell they were witches...ewww. Tell that women to put those back on the shelf ;)

Katelin said...

oh that sounds like a perfect event, lots of women, shopping, tasty food and great speakers. glad you had fun!

thatShortChick said...

suze orman! love her. she is the ONLY person I can actually listen to about money and not get all cross-eyed.