December 31, 2009

My New Years Resolution

First of all, I hope everyone has a SAFE and Happy New Years!!!

My New Years resolution is to unsubscribe (or auto-send into SPAM) to all the shopping emails I receive. After being on vacation this week- I saw how much the emails add up if you aren't sitting at your desk checking them as they come in. We're talking about 30 emails a day here. While I have 0 credit card debt (Amen to that), I think I did a lot of unnecessary shopping in 2009. My mom always used to bug me when she went shopping with me growing up. Do you want this or do you need this? I should have gone to law school because I can be pretty persuasive (in my head at least) about why I would always NEED something, making it justified to purchase.

While I can't give up shopping all together, I can give up the temptation of doing so by not having it delivered to my inbox every 4.5 minutes.

I think this is exclusively for Apparel and Accessories, because could never giveup Groupon or BuyWithMe. Because those are just too good of deals to pass up! Because Mama's gotta have her spa treatments still. Obvi.

What are your New Years Resolutions??

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7 comments: said...

I was just thinking I need to do the same thing...those emails start to get annoying anyway.

emrlds said...

good idea, but sephora and the Rue? i can't imagine.

Susan said...

I have like 200 emails from retailers in my inbox that are unread, I need to get rid of them too.

Yummy Mummy said...

I did that a few months takes a lot of time but is SO worth it! Everything except Gilt of course. NEVER delete Gilt.

Happy 2010!!


Classy in Philadelphia said...

This is such a cool resolution...when I'm in school, those e-mails get mixed in with real e-mails, but now that I'm on break I've noticed how much they add up, especially when I'm not getting real e-mails. Good luck!

Jackie said...

Every since reading this post I have started to unsubscribe too. The number of emails I get are ridiculous! I figure if there is a crazy crazy sale that I just have to take part in, someone will blog and/or tweet about it. Thanks for helping me get on the ball!

Yiayia said...

Unsubscribing may be a good start but you really have to look at your priority system. It is a good behavioral idea to substitute with something else you might enjoy or need whenever you give up anything. For example, replace the excessive clothing and accessory shopping with a saving towards the next trip or vacation; an hour on the Internet studying where that trip might be; something you need elsewhere in your life; etc.