December 6, 2009

When I'm away she puts her makeup on the shelf.

I had done a Makeup Post 2 years ago and realized I've fallen in love with a few other brands since then (but MAC you will always be my first true love!) Another reason for the craziness? I work about 3 minutes from a Sephora, so sometimes I go buy a lip gloss for lunch instead of a Turkey Wrap.. You think this habbit would make me shrink about 2 dress sizes right? [I did too]

NARS.. anything. I'm pretty sure I was meant to work only so I could afford $24.00 lip sticks. I love everything about their lip sticks. The taste, the moistness (sorry i'll try and keep it PG), the fact that it stays on longer than 10 minutes, the colors, the packaging, everything.

And also, the best Lip Balm in the history of the world? Meet Sabrina.

I use it as a lipstick though, and I'm pretty sure if you put a snickers wrapper on it, I'd take a huge bite out of it- its that delish. I recommend you throwing this in your Sephora Cart as a December treat for yourself. You deserve it, lady!

Korres: Although its not pictured in the JQ Lounge Makeup Recap above [due to it being in my purse during the impromptu photoshoot] I've been loving their Wild Rose Face products since making the switch from Bare Essentials a few months back. I use the Foundation ($28), Powder (i got FREE during a promotion if you bought the Foundation at Sephie's) and Concealer ($20) and it makes your face glow as well as offering full coverage. When I complain to my friends about my skin freaking out on me, they always say they can't notice. Welp, besides from them being excellent liars good friends.. this product also had a lot to do with that. Also, if you follow them on Twitter, they have excellent Promotions for free shipping and bonus gifts. And follow me on Twitter while you're at it!

JQ Lounge Throw in your Cart pick: Korres Cherry Oil Lip Gloss in Beige Pink ($16)

Laura Mercier: picked up her Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer for a whopping $42.00 (waiting for Momma Q to call me and lecture me after seeing that fun fact). While I love love love this product, I might try another brand when I run out- only because I do not know what else is out there.. if the next one I get is only $20 and works the same, I'll switch. But yeah, this stuff is amazing.

LORAC: My new favorite eyeshadows are all LORAC. I pronounce it 'lor-rack' but some fancy pants say 'lor-rock'- but maybe its because I'm a Masshole I say it like that. Its hard to say why some eye shadow is better than others (other than the color of it!) but seriously.. when you touch this stuff, it blends in gor-jas and has such a pretty light subtle sparkle to it.

JQ Lounge Throw in your Cart pick: LORAC Eye Shadow in Star Quality ($18)

Perfume: Its funny how you go through phases and change it up with the perfumes you wear. I used to be a Tommy Girl in high school, and then I bought the Chanel Mademoiselle bottle in college because I fell in love with the Ads (good job, Coco!) but can't handle it!! Little too strong for me. My longtime love has been Ralph by Ralph Lauren, because it is the prettiest thing that's ever hit my sense of smell. But my new favorite as of late? Burberry Summer. Its sweet but still has a kick to it. I believe it was a limited time offer, but it better be out next summer as well. Note: while researching I found its available at Macy's still.

And if you find that my Makeup Collection could use a boost, I will gladly accept your gift of a Sephora Giftcard... in $500.00 increments, of course! You are the BEST.

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emrlds said...

this post made me want to pack up my life and head to sephora. damn you.

Laurie said... it! We share the obsession:) I've never tried Sabrina...but want to now!

weezermonkey said...

I want a girl who will laugh for no one else.


thatShortChick said...

holy makeup collection. color me impressed.

We Are Not Martha said...

I love makeup advice because I'm pretty makeup-impaired. And now I need a big Sephora trip!!


Hopers said...

This post almost makes me glad that I have to make a special trip if I want to go to Sephora. Of course, then I just stock up when I do make it over there. Hmmm.

These days, I am loving my Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer. It's a little unnerving to smear green stuff all over your face (I always seem to end up humming the Wicked Witch Theme from the Wizard of Oz), but it really works for me. Take care of a lot of the redness.

Hopers said...

Errr... takeS care of a lot of the redness. Whoops!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

NARS is my favorite, thee end.

Emily said...

ok, i officially have makeup envy! mama could use a little makeup makeover. i'll let the hubs know STAT...

hannahjustbreathe said...

I think I have that exact Lorac eyeshadow color! And I LOVE it. And that's saying something because I was convinced no one did eyeshadow better than Mac.

Miss S said...

I love MAC & Lorac (hey, look, I just rhymed) eyeshadows, but my new obsession? Kat Von D's eyeshadow pallets from Sephora. LOVE love love them. Seriously. Gorgeous color & they go on & blend beautifully!