January 20, 2010

Love Harder

Wanted to share this awesome video that's been going viral among some fab blogger friends. They made it to send their love, musical talent and support to Brandy and her Hot Awesome Dude who was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. This video is such a treat :)

Our Plea
Our friend Brandy is a brilliant writer, a wonderful teacher, and a generous friend. And she is in love with a man who has just been diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

We are raising money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Fund in his name. For the price of a cinnamon dolce latte, half-caf, hold the whip, you can be part of an effort to cure a disease that affects approximately 750,000 people worldwide.


Every dollar brings us a dollar closer to a cure. And every donation brings a sliver of hope to a girl who needs all the hope she can get.

Love Harder,
Julie Q

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Classy in Philadelphia said...

Love it <3

I'm happy to hear you want to participate in Where In The World Wednesday! Yay!