January 17, 2010

Ou est la bibliotheque?

I've been doing great with my no shopping emails New Years Resolution. Have not ordered one thing online in 2010 ::::: um, its only been 3 weeks, but still!

Hubs and I have also made a joint new years resolution, and that was to try a New Restaurant every month. It sounds very easy to do, but we had tried it about 4 or 5 years ago, and basically it ended on the last day of March which happened to be a weekday, and we were broke fresh out of college.. and I'm pretty sure we ordered pizza that night. The new restaurant we tried for January was Gaslight, Brasserie du Coin (which means Brasserie on the corner). I'd always heard great things about this place and was excited to drive into the city on a Friday Night. This french place looked gorjas inside and seemed like the perfect place to be on a Friday Night on a date. It felt like everyone stopped by to check in and see if they could get us anything (I swear we don't look like needy patrons at these classy places!)

I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to eating dinner. I never like trying new things, and when we go to nice restaurants, I don't understand too much whats going on with the menu. While everyones food looks tasty and amazing around me, I just went with the Rotisserie Chicken- which did not disappoint. And since it was a date, of course you have to split a dessert. We got the Chocolate Beignets with Creme Anglais. Translation= fresh crisp chocolate munchkins with a light creme dipping sauce. Oh- and there was a little extra chocolate stuffed in the middle. Um.. amazing. A must try if you go! FYI: PARKING at Gaslight was probably the most enjoyable parking experience ever in Boston- for real! There were plenty of open spots (for free) in the huge lot right next to the building. That is a big deal for impatient Massholes. Big deal.

Gaslight gets two thumbs up from me. And for those of you who attempted french for 4 years like I did in school: deux pouce ecouter! hahaha something tells me that is horribly incorrect. Ou est la bibliotheque?! <-- my go to phrase when anyone aks if i know French.

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Hopers said...


Julie said...

omg - go there for brunch. Best ever. We bring everyone thats in town to Gaslight!

Jeffrey Gates said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful Gaslight blog!
I will be sure to share your comments with Chef Chris, Chef Keenan, Eric the GM and the staff.
We will also link your blog to the Gaslight website.
Please feel free to contact me directly with any comments or requests.
Jeffrey Gates
Gaslight Brasserie du Coin
Aquitaine Group

quarterlifestyle said...

okay once you mentioned the parking I was sold.

brookem said...

mmm, love gaslight. and im totally with you on the parking!

k said...

I have been dying to try Gaslight; and weirdly enough, the other day, I was all, "Where can I get beignets in this city?"

Ask and you shall receive.

emrlds said...

yum yum yum.
also, great resolution. another would be to visit brookline. =)

Julie Q said...

Hopers- oui oui!

Julie- now that we know parking is a breeze there- i will definitely check out their brunch :)

Jeffrey- thanks for stopping by and saying hello!! I will make sure to namedrop next time I am there ;)

quarterlifestyle- I know right? Easy Parking in Boston does not sound right in the same sentence.. until now

Brookem- Agreed!!

KK- beignets are amazing. And even more amazing was me trying to pronounce them to a coworker yesterday- it went a little like 'bwog-nets'

Emrlds- 2 resolutions are tough, but i'll factor in the Brookline one for a possible '11 one :)

Kinsey Michaels said...

That is an excellent resolution, I aim to do the same thing! It's fun trying new restaurants (and cocktails) :)

Sarah said...

I love restaurants with their own parking ESPECIALLY in the South End. Have you been to Rocca?