February 13, 2010

Top 5 Favorite Hollywood Couples..

After watching the Valentine's Episode of the greatest new talkshow in the entire world: The Wendy Williams Show, I'd like to dedicate my V-day post to my favorite Hollywood Couples of all time. Now Wendy was a good girl and picked couples that are currently together, but I'm gonna take it up a notch and talk about Old School Awesomeness.

My Top 5.

Jennifer Lopez and Puff Daddy.

This was back when J-Lo was just becoming uber famous. I used to ask for J-Lo highlights to the point where I used to have to wash my hair 5 times in a row before going back to school the next day because it was SO BLOND. Fact: washing your hair 5 times in a row does nothing. Anyhoo- this was when Jenny the Fly Girl was blowin' up and Puff Daddy was the Bad Boy. The Green Versace Dress? The Night Club shooting scandal? So bad ass and awesome. Glad she's happy now with Mark, but you know Diddy will always look back at her as the one who got away.

Reese & Ryan

Tell me you don't watch Cruel Intentions and think that they should not be together. Maybe I live in La La land, but even looking back for the picture to post for them- I remember just about every single picture they've ever taken together (single white female here!). They seemed so perfect together with their young romance and having their little cute adorable family. I know Hollywood is a marriage killer- but damin Ryan, why you gotta go to the clubs all the time???

Randy Gerber & Cindy Crawford

The only thing I have to say about these two is that they are incredibly ridiculously good looking. And then they go and have 2 kids that will be just as incredibly ridiculously good looking. I can only hope they are nice in person because I can only assume so since they always look happy. tehehehe.

Jay Z & Beyonce

Um.. this is an obvious one. I remember there were rumors that they were getting married right as I was getting ready to leave our trip to Cozumel. 'Oh NO! I won't be able to check people.com and get the lastest and greatest news about them'.. Fact: I was able to grab a computer and look up the one pic a photag snapped of them. Yes, I am a very dedicated Hollywood Gossip hag.

And the last but not least couple is: Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams. I'm always baffled as to why these two aren't back together. They had reconciled after their initial breakup, but as of now they are not together. It even feels like they flirt with each other in the media with some of the quotes they say. For example right when they broke up, he said "people do Rachel and me a disservice by assuming we were anything like the people in that movie. Rachel and my love story is a hell of a lot more romantic than that."

And about their actual breakup? "The only thing I remember is we both went down swingin' and we called it a draw."

Damnit Ryan and Rachel! Why don't you get a joint manager who will schedule your movies accordingly so you have time to go on dates. I miss you guys!

Happy Valentines' Day! (note: i consider this whole weekend a Holiday)

Who are your favorites??

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Yummy Mummy said...

You are dead on. Ryan and Rachel I hope you're reading this... you guys are MEANT to be together. Have some babies and get on with it!

Happy V day Mrs. Julie Q.

thatShortChick said...

I was really shocked and a little sad when Reese and Ryan broke up. They were like the perfect-looking high school couple who got married right after graduation (and happen to star in movies).

also, I'm kinda hoping that Kate Winselt and Leo Dicaprio end up getting together (for real) some time down the road. He needs a real woman!

weezermonkey said...

Paul Newman + Joanne Woodward

Alicia said...

Um, not gonna lie - I love when I see pictures of Ice T and Coco...

I also love love love Gavin and Gwen.

Gemini said...

#1. SO MY FAVORITE!! Oh and did you know that Reese was pregnant with Ava when they filmed the pool scene...aww :)

Katelin said...

ryan and rachel were just so sweet together, it really was sad when they broke up. and how could i forget beyonce and jay z?! they're pretty awesome too.