March 25, 2010

Charming way to run the Boston Marathon

What does running & a little blue box have in common. For most people? Nothing. For me? It goes back to the first 5K I ever ran. Before training, I couldn't even run around the block without wanting to just lie down there in the street and take a nap. I needed a little help. And what makes me try hard? Jewelry and treats!

My darling significant other once told me if I could run a 5K in under 27 minutes, he would buy me anything in the Tiffany & Co catalog; since I'd always kept one on the coffee table in college. ANYTHING?! I asked? Virtually flipping to, in my head, the Lucida Diamond Engagement ring I'd been in love with since seeing the ad in 8th grade. 'Well, anything under $200', he said. In his defense.. we were just broke college kids. Unfortunately due to pure laziness, it would not be 2 years before I took on the Tiffany Challenge.

Rocco & Me after the race!

So little by little, I ran and ran. 1 mile turned into 2.... 2 miles turned into 2.5..... 2.5 turned back into .5 miles on days where I just did not feel like running. And finally, 3.2 miles on the day of my 5K. The only thing is? I did it in 34 minutes.7 minutes shy of the little blue box. (editor's note: this was 2006 so I'd managed to get my dream ring the summer before, so I wasn't too sad I didn't get to pick out something in the Catalog.) Plus I was proud of my 34 minute time!

While I did not get my fabulous prize at the end of the race, it was only because the Tiffany & Co and Boston Marathon Collection did not exist.. until now!

The Tiffany Boston Copley Store has the Four Leaf Clover Tag Charm ($100) in Sterling Silver engraved with "Boston Marathon 2010". You can then engrave it with your runner's name and time.

Might just have to break out my New Balance running sneakers that have been collecting dust...

I just hope there is enough space on the Clover for Tiffany's to write 4.5 days as my time.

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Clover Charm Photo Credit: © Tiffany & Co.


April Elizabeth said...

days is totally shorter than minutes. It will fit. :-)

That Kind of Girl said...

Oh my gosh, ten million adorability boys to your husband! What a cute way to get you inspired!

Lexilooo said...

I am not a runner, but I love that challenge! Also, love the charm!

Tina said...

Totally just sent this post to my husband! :)

Emily said...

um, i wonder if it could fit 4.5 weeks. i'm so not a runner (if you couldn't tell) but i'm so a lover of this charm! too cute :)

Katelin said...

4.5 days will totally fit. and it would look so cute!

We Are Not Martha said...

Awww this is such a cute post! Only my clover would say "NEVER." or "ONLY IN HER DREAMS" haha. Seriously though, I've just started getting back into running; maybe I should send this post to Chris... ;)


Hopers said...

I like your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter!

Julie Q said...

April - That's what she said

That Kind of Girl - he's got a brother too ;)

Lexilooo - please don't let this post fool you, i'm not a runner either

Tina - yes!! Do it :)

Emily - i was rounding up to the nearest week when i guestimated my time

Katelin - thanks! it will so fit.

WANM - um.. i think we have a new line of charms on our hand with those phrases? love it!

Hopers - :) you make me blush

Sara Jane said...

I love this! You know I always reward myself for runs too! You cndo it!