March 15, 2010


  • Crossing my fingers to win Susan at Transient Travel's fabulous Sex & The City NYC Tour giveaway. Click here to go enter! And bring me along if you win. We can go to a taping of the Wendy Williams Show after. And of course we'd be camping out at Rockefeller Plaza for 4 hours early next morning for the Today Show. This needs to happen now!
  • trying to choose which fancy pants Restaurant to try out for Boston's Restaurant Week! Anyone have any suggestions?
  • Speaking of Wendy Williams, you MUST dvr her talk show. It is such a treat, and she is the freshest new thing to hit my television since Snookie. I could listen to Wendy talk about Hot Topics and discussing with her audience random sometimes funny personal questions in Ask Wendy. You will LOVE IT!
  • watching Season 1 of Breaking Bad on AMC. Yes, the same awesome people that brought us Mad Men. (one second time out to think about Don Draper) These days it feels like there are no new shows to get into-- but this show has somehow slipped by us the last couple years. If you are in the market for a new DVD series to get absolutely hooked on. There ya go.
  • Excited for Jessica Simpson's new show: The Price of Beauty. It debuts on Vh1 tonite at 10pm! I know for those of you who've been long time readers, I have a Love/Hate relationship with Ms. Daisy Dukes. But in the end, I heart her and kinda obsess over many of the things she does. There, I said it....

Wow, 3 days of pouring rain in Boston, and you wonder why I blog about television so much :)

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thatShortChick said... whole weekend pretty much consisted of wendy williams chatter. We had family in town and my aunt is OBSESSED with wendy - she loves her for all of her fabulous messiness.

I used to listen to her on the radio back in my still-living-in-jersey days and she grated on my nerves (and I can't really put my finger on why) but I kept listening because of her hot topics.

Now I enjoy watching her on TV - she's much calmer or something and more facets of her personality are shown, which I like.

Susan said...

You are the best :) I say we do a blogger happy hour weekend getaway edition for it.

ohhayitskk said...

Kyle and I are going to B&G Oysters for Resto Week. WE SHOULD DO BLOGGER RESTO WEEK. I'm in; I'm so in. Also, I'm dying to hear your thoughts on the J.Simp show.

Yummy Mummy said...

SATC... I die!!!! I am planning to go to NYC for the opening weekend. Yes, I have the fever and am not ashamed to admit it!

Go to Market. It's the new Jean Georges place at the W downtown. D- to- the -licious. My favorite new place.

As for Jess, is it bad that I actually like her more now that I know she is "sexual napalm?" I will be watching!

Ps Brunch + You and Me = Have your people call my people please!

LiLu said...

I need to get my heiny back to Boston (now that it stopped raining)...