March 24, 2010

I Need to get a Hobby (and the winner is)

Thank you all for your great comments about NY Housewives! They were awesome and hilarious. I honestly do not like any of the ladies this season. I usually am Team Jill, but ever since Ramona talked about Jill liking the 'underdog' last season I think its pretty apparent she's correct. But Bethenny is a complete psycho path. My friend worked on the Martha Stewart Apprentice Show a few years back, when she was a contestant, and he said she was not pleasant WHATSOEVER. Nish nish, ladies!

I need to get a hobby. And I did. Now I blog. (so many great lines from this season though!)

Oh, and the winner is MJ! (via And fyi, she is not a fan of Bethenny from the first 3 episodes of this season. Email me your address and you will get your fab gift card shortly!

And don't forget- keep entering the Macys Daily Fashion Challenge to win $500 and figure out some cute styles for your spring wardrobe. Thanks Macys! xoxo

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Yummy Mummy said...

My new favorite line "You need to get a hobby." I so use it in conversation everyday. Is it just me or did bethany's jaw grow like 10 fold. Nails on a chalkboard that girl. Is it bad that Simon is now my favorite "character?"

and yet I can't stop watching.


maiah said...

ah! thank you again! :)