March 8, 2010

JQ Lounge 2010 Oscar Recap

Its our favorite time of the year at the JQ Lounge: the 2010 Oscars! This year's event had the usual suspects in attendance: me, hubs, my brother Matt and his lovely girlfriend Andrea. Oscars and Chinese Food is a great little tradition of ours + some witty banter in between through live tweets.

A Simple Man-gria were the drinks of choice :)

Guest Judges, Andrea & Broseph (and Lexie sneaking in an appearance)

Hubs: Is that the girl from Wedding Crashers?

Bro: No, that's Borat's wife. This girl is from Up in the Air.

Andrea: I love how Ryan Seacrest had to wait til Anna Kendrick walked away to tell M'onique that she was a lock for the Oscars

Bro (as told by Lexie): Rain on the Oscars? More Natural Disasters of 2010! Thank God George Clooney is already here to put together a telethon

Bro: I went to sleep last night with the mental picture of Kathy Griffin making out with Mariska b/c I had just watched Law & Order. Not cool.

FYI, from now on I'm going to call her Sandy, just like Ryan Reynolds.

If you don't have time to live your life now, when do you? (at the Oscars) -fortune cookie

Hubs: What was the last movie he was in, Ferris Bueller?

Shiloh Jolie is so big now!!

My pix of the evening? J Lo.

Elizabeth Banks (but she was favored because she guest starred on Modern Family in my eyes)

Demi Moore. I dont know why she was there, but she looked even younger than the last time I saw her on the Red Carpet.

And a shout out to Matt Damon. Alway representing Boston and looking bootyliscious. His wife is so pretty and seems like the nicest women ever.

Click here for the rest of my Red Carpet tweets (there were quite a few)

Countdown to the next Oscars begins now!

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Yummy Mummy said...

Again... best oscar recap I've read. This is why I love you!

Hopers said...

Must have been a humid evening. All of the ladies had some major frizz-age!

andrea said...

Thanks for being such a fabulous host!!! Already excited for next years:) Amazing recap. xoxo

We Are Not Martha said...

Seriously, what the heck drugs is Demi Moore on that she keeps getting younger and younger? She could seriously pass for 30. Maybe even 28? Crazy.

And this recap was amazing!


thatShortChick said...

totally snorted at the shiloh jolie comparison to carey mulligan. GOOD ONE.

Katelin said...

haha love the commentary in there. i loved elizabeth banks' dress, it was so cute and i just love that gray and the headband, love it. and oh man matt damon is so freaking dapper, swooooonfest over here. and ohmygod carey mulligan is totally shiloh in ten years, haha, love it!

love the recap, now off to write mine!