April 25, 2010

Boston Bacon and Beer Fest 2010

How do you find a topic to blog about after my last post? Its pretty impossible actually.. but celebrating Boston, Bacon AND Beer was something that came in a cool 2nd place, respectively. @EatBoston (and you can also find him at UnlikelyWords) pretty much came out with the most amazing thing to hit Boston since Real World Season 6 back in 1997. The Boston Bacon and Beer festival was Saturday and 1,500 lucky Massholes got to snack on gourmet bacon goodies all while sampling some real. good. beer.

It was held at SoWa's historic Power Station. SoWa means South of Washington (i think they copied SoHo in NYC) and it could not have happened on a more gorgeous day in Boston. Sometimes its a hard sell to get our guy friends excited about attending stuff in the city, but Bacon and Beer is the easiest sell in the universe.

There were so many fun Bacon treats!

Bacon Ice Cream Shakes from B Good

Bacon Pretzals

BLTs, obviously

Bacon Cupcakes, pictured with my cupcake :)

And then throw in some awesome beer for cool breweries to get the party going...

So true.

Throughout the event, the music was amazing. East Coast Soul was belting out classics the whole time. It really added to the festival. Plus their sound was GREAT! Any of you getting married in MA, I highly suggest you check them out for your wedding...

Of course there were scented Beer & Bacon candles..

I was wondering why I kept running into Peter at the Fisherman's Brew stand ;) We loves us a man in uniform.. especially if they are pouring us a brew

A group shot of the RBC (our college crew who all moved to Boston after graduating 6 2 years ago = too freaking adorable, i know)

The only way Boston Bacon and Beer fest could have been more amazing? If it was Boston Bacon Beer and Bassett-weilers named Rocco and Lexie fest. But at least South End Buttery had these awesome Dog posters! My favorites, Sues and Chels from We Are Not Martha!! Always a pleasure (and celebrity sighting) running into these friends.

Note to self: always go straight home after a booze festival. Nothing good can come out of the after party!! tehehehe

Such a fab event! Can't wait for next year. Great job @EatBoston!

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weezermonkey said...

This looks so awesome.

Susan said...

That must have been Heaven.

brookem said...

i couldn't make it! matt was there though! he was at the brewbound table!

Katelin said...

that looks like so much fun and seriously loving your shirt/dress, so cute!

We Are Not Martha said...

Ahhhh I love how you call us a "celebrity sighting" SOME DAY!! It was great seeing you and I LOVE the recap!


Hopers said...

I totally want those candles. And your dress. I tried it on at Express, but I couldn't come up with a good excuse to buy it (I can't wear skirts at work).