April 15, 2010

Its Better in the Bahamas

You know you've had an amazing vacation when you can't figure out whether to start with talking Bravo Editing pointers with a New York Real Housewife, doing the Electric Slide with a TV Host, sitting at a pool bar with the Bachelor or being mistaken for a Olympic Skier. Oh yeah, and on top of all that, having a FABULOUS week away with your husband- but we'll get to the actual vacation details in another post. For now, let's go straight to HOLLYWOOD.

In a twist of fate- our spring getaway to the Caribbean happened to be the same venue and week as Access Hollywood's Celebrity Golf Tournament, held at Sandals Emerald Bay in Georgetown, Bahamas (on the other side of the island from Nassau). We'd gone to the Sandals Royal Bahamian for our honeymoon 3 years ago, and Sandals is by far the most ridonculous resort for couples as far as the pretty pools, friendly awesome service, and tasty 'all inclusive' meals.

It all started at the airport when our connector flight was in Miami. My husband and I are sitting in the shuttle to head over to the puddle jumper plane to take us to vacation, when all of a sudden, Kelly from Real Housewives NY jumps on the bus with her fab hairstylist. I shrieked (quietly) to my hubby telling him who we were now standing 2 people away from. He rolled his eyes and said 'Oh no.. it's started'. Then of course, they sit RIGHT NEXT TO ME ON THE PLANE! I'm not one for paparazzi pictures (ha! that almost sounded sincere) so I snapped a quick pic on my phone before the plane took off. That's my Vineyard Vines Tote in the front. At first, I froze. I was going to go the whole trip and not say anything. I was going to look like a freak! Finally, my better half whispered over 'Really, Julie? The only time you're going to be speechless is when you're sitting next to a Real Housewife'. He knew it was my calling. I finally turned to her and her friend and said 'Just wanted to let you know- I have a blog and I named you my favorite Housewife this season.' Her friend started laughing and Kelly had a huge smile on her face and said Thank you. It then turned into us dishing about the show, and me asking lots of questions about the women and the editing. Kelly was SO NICE! I thought she was going to be a diva, but she was far from it. Also- she's absolutely gorgeous in person (on camera too, obvs) but for reals.. it was like talking to a Unicorn.

Well that was a fun celebrity encounter to start a vacation! Basically- all the celebs at the Golf Tournament were staying at Sandals, so it turned into you bumping into them and it almost being normal. Here's the link to the Access Hollywood Recap! I already checked- unfortunately I'm not in any of the background shots. But don't worry I got a ton of pix of my own!

The happy newlyweds, Jason & Molly from the Bachelor! They were adorably cute..Celebs at the pool bar. Oh my!The Gardner from Desperate Housewives.

Oh.. hello Antonio Sabato Jr! Um.. this man is a vision.

No clue who this 'celeb' was... might need to IMDB thatMe and Maria Menounos. Eeeek, I love how I have a goblet of beer in my hand and had just been dancing the past 2 hours before I grabbed a pic with the gorgeous TV personality.

My hubs was shocked to see one of the guys from The Wire at the bar. While I immediately said 'omg he's from 90210!' So I grabbed a pic with him the next day..

More Pool Bar action.

I learned a lil bit about celebrities over vacation. Sandals is the place where its all couples and you meet fun people from all over the place. I think with reality TV couples (like Jason and Molly) you already know a TON about them because you see them on TV. So basically you feel like a stalker, even when you say hi, and give them congrats on the wedding. They were really nice and said hi and took pictures and stuff like that- but all the celebs hung around mostly only with each other. Oh well, I learned that it was not my loss at all. I'd take seeing them on TV over the awkward Elephant in the room (or at the resort) any day. But come on, it was SO COOL being among them for a week.

AND I also learned that all celebs are the tiniest creatures I've ever seen. And that is including the men. Fo sho.

*oh and the Olympic Skier thing? Someone called my room and asked for Julia and said they had my straw hat. I had no idea what they were talking about, because I was wearing my beach hat, while I was on the phone. He then said, "oh wait, this isn't Julia Mancuso?" HA! After some research I realized the Vancouver star was at the Golf Tournament and they mistook our room numbers. Hope she got her hat back.
Up next: fantabulous time on vaca with the hubby- the real star of my reality tv world inside my head. Will recap the rest of the time soon.

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Legally Brunette said...

Um, holy crap, I would have died! (And by the end of the week, I would have thought, well, of course I should be in gorgeous Bahamas with all of my fab celebrity friends.)

I think Access Hollywood needs to have you as their guest correspondent for the next event like this. Lucky girl!

rebeccaj said...

If you're not dancing and taking pics with celebs, then there just isn't a point in vacationing.

Matt said...

you met mike from the wire??? i need a total debriefing asap.

Hopers said...

So. Freaking. Cool.

Did you ask them if Julia Mancuso's hat was a tiara?

Yummy Mummy said...

Speachless.... you are officially the coolest most popular person I know! You also looked great! Those celebs have nothing on you!

Katelin said...

absolutely love it all. and love that you took pictures with so many people too, you are a rock star.

thatShortChick said...

best vacay-recap-with-celebs ever!! I'm very curious if that means you did the electric slide with maria menounous? or a different TV host?

also, love your blue necklace! is it from Banana Republic?

SeeLeigh said...

Ahhh. this is my dream come true for you! Great recap... I felt like I was there with you.. You sure know how to tell a good story, JQ ;) We need to figure out a way for you to become an access hollywood corespondent!

Sarah said...

Now you know what it's like to live in LA :) How fun for you. Not gonna lie though, I was TOTALLY hoping it'd be Bethenny or Jill.

Still jealous of your vacation.

Lorie said...

If I got to meet Antonio Sabato, Jr. I could die happy. You are such a lucky duck!!

weezermonkey said...


brookem said...

oh my god julie!
jason and molly and dixon oh my!
sounds like so much fun! can't wait to hear about the rest of it!

Alicia said...

Julie...Amazing. So you're saying I now have 6 degrees of Kelly? so cool.

Jackie said...

I feel like it is fate that you were there at the same time as all of the celebs! Love the recap.