April 7, 2010

Shoe Boats and Sunshine!

Had the great opportunity to head to Atlanta for a few days recently. I've never been, but thought it was about time that I schmooze among the Hotlanta Housewives. Unfortunately- I learned that while they are located in the 'burbs outside Atlanta, but I still saw some cool places after the work day.

Some pix from the trip.

The Escalators in the Marta (Atlanta's version of the T) They were insanely steep! I had to grab onto both rails because I was afraid of falling while trying to balance my luggage, laptop case and purse. This picture doesn't even give it justice!

My hotel was so nice!! Kimpton Hotels are the way to travel. Fo sho.

My 8th Grade self would have thought this street was coolJust loved the way this building looked!

These houses right outside of Atlanta were puuuurdy

Best. Store. Name. Ever. Cakes & Ale. Boats & Hos.Never seen an Urban Outfitters like that. Totes awesome.
Heart this Georgia Tech Building. Reminds me of Rudy for some odd reason.
The weather hit about 80 degrees, and patios in the late afternoon were where its at.
While chatting with my friend (we'll call her Sweet D) one story I thought was hilarious was that of a Shoe Boat. Apparently, once at a party- some Southern Boys chanted a song where at one point- they took off their shoes, filled it with their drink, and passed it over to the left, and drank out of the other person's shoe.

It wasn't until she said 'you want to see a picture?' where I started to believe this was a real occurrence. When I saw this picture on her iPhone, I was speechless.

This made my night. While the only way I'd participate in a Shoe Boat is if I bought a pair of Crocs and just carried them around in my purse rather then actually wearing them.

Georgia was a peachy place to visit. Which makes me want to plan a weekend getaway late in the summer either back to Charleston, SC or to explore New Orleans for the first time...

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Susan said...

I can't believe she got that picture, that is sick. Glad you had such a good time! I've always wanted to go down there, I want to hit up New Orleans and Charleston too.

Yummy Mummy said...

Looks like an awesome place, besides the whole drinking your own foot sweat thing! I am dying to go to New Orleans...girls trip????


Jackie said...

Sounds like a fab time. I love Kimpton hotels too!

thatShortChick said...

ok, the shoe boat thing is making me gag.

my family and I are supposed to be visiting Atlanta this summer and I can't wait. glad you had a good time!

Megan said...

Your post is linked to on Boston.com today! :o)

Katelin said...

shoe boat? um what? that is just nuts.

quarterlifestyle said...

OMG that shoe this is disgusting!

Pandesaldreamer said...

Ewww, boys will be boys. That is just straight nasty funk!

Hopers said...

I have to say, that shoe boat picture kindof freaks me out a little. :p