May 20, 2010

Four Weddings and a Winner

This weekend when I was engineering my DVR so that we could watch the Bruins lose while taping The Soup, I came across the most amazing show to hit television since To Catch a Predator... and Jersey Shore. I found it because I had a taping of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress that I had to push back and TLC's Four Weddings happened to be on after. Dvr'ing that was fate.

For those of you who love 'Whose Wedding is it anyway?' you need to check out this show. Its about 4 brides who attend each other's wedding and judge them based on a points system, broken down to Venue, Food, Fun & Fashion. None of these ladies know each other, and all of the weddings are completely different from each other. At the end of the episode, all the women wait for a limo to pull up, and whomever's groom steps out of the limo, wins a vacation to a fun fab resort aka honeymoon!

Now while I have a ton of problems with this show, it makes for the most amusing hour. Like, who wants three random bitches judging you on your big day? And plus, the cameras are also on THEM when you are walking down the aisle. Oh honey child.. helllllllllls no would that ever happened at the JQ & Toughguy nuptials.

Girls who are already hitched will love it just as much as the lucky ladies who will get to plan their big day in the future! Its catty, its funny, its pretty, its awkward and its WEDDINGS.

Oh, you're still reading? What.. did you think I was going to announce a winner or something? Ah, thank you for reminding me! I wish I could give everyone all of their dream Stella & Dot pieces. You all reassured me that you have gorgeous taste in accessories.

Thanks to the fine robotics at, the winner is: HOPE! Btw, her favorite Stella & Dot piece in Jaclyn's shop was the Kelly necklace in Ivory Pearl. Tres cute!Thanks for everyone who entered and thanks to Jaclyn for the fun giveaway! Local ladies, I'll let you know when Jaclyn brings her trunk show to town.

One more thing, for anyone who'd like me to email their husband, boyfriend, brother, etc your Stella & Dot choice, I'd be happy to do so :) :)

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Hope said...

Hooray! I never win blog giveaways!

bonappetitbeantown said...

Hahaha - I saw that show a little while ago and thought it was hilarious as well! Those women were sooo catty - love that kind of entertaining tv :).

Jen said...

There is a new show on the Style network called Jerseylicious about a salon in Jersey. It involved just as many fake tans as Jersey Shore.

Julie Q said...

Hopers - Congrats lady!!!

bonappetitbeantown - you sound like my kind of people :)

Jen - omg I need to figure out when that show is on! It sounds right up my alley. Hope they are as entertaining as snookie though, those are huge poofs to follow

weezermonkey said...

I watched that show once. It was bananas.

Susan said...

I'm adding that show to my DVR! I hope it doesn't make me a psycho bride.

maiah said...

that show is absolutely incredible. and the perfect follow up to the say yes to the dress hour! enjoy the weekend!

Hope said...

Ooooooh, how do I claim my prize? I'm looking forward to the pretty! :)

Julie Q said...

Hey Hope! Jaclyn should have emailed you already to grab your address- but i'll remind her first thing tomorrow morning :)