May 6, 2010

Help! Need your style expertise.

So I have a Wedding on Saturday, and I've been basically doing my Biggest Loser Last Chance workout all week to rock this fitted dress from White House Black Market. And by that I mean running, no booze, and purchasing my first pair of spanx, thanks to my Jillian-esque motivational g-chat/life coach pal, Caroline, for the great idea!

BTW, White House Black Market was AWESOME for doing a price adjustment considering it went on sale the day after I bought it. They rock.

Then I found these gorjas shoes at DSW, so the color scheme has now been turned into Black & Gold.

Question: What color should I do my nails? And should I just pair a gold necklace with this ensemble?

I'm clueless. I kind of want to rock bright pink nails, but I'd LOVE to hear some input from ladies who have far much more style than me! Thank you thank you thank you in advance!!

UPDATE: See, I knew you would all know the right thing to say. And since I'd never pick deep red colored nails, myself- I went with OPI's Chick Flick Cherry. And it looks fantastical! Thanks ladies :) Now if you could only make it stop pouring on my friend's wedding day... wwhhaaahhhh
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Katelin said...

um i LOVE those shoes. if i wore heels i would so wear those. and the dress...divine. i would say a dark red for your nails perhaps? i think that would look chic and cute, heck i know nothing but seriously WANT those shoes, haha.

weezermonkey said...

Another vote for dark red, although I'd personally go with a nude or sheer.

But I'm boring. ;)

thatShortChick said...

the shoes and dress?! tres cute!!

as for nailpolish - my first instinct was for a nude/light pink color but I like the suggestion of a dark red. makes it a tad more glam.

rebeccaj said...

i love black and gold and it goes with EVERYTHING. please refer to gchat convo.

Susan said...

I was also going to say a nude color for the nails, but now that I'm thinking about the red, I kind of love it. Also, I would DEFINITELY wear a gold necklace, do you have like a funky longer one?

brookem said...

love that whole ensemble!

i would suggest a bright color-- bright pink or a sassy red.

linabeau said...

I'm too speechless to think.