May 11, 2010

The Shoes Almost Stayed on all Night

Flew to Buffalo for my friend's wedding last weekend, and while the weather was NOT holding up its end of the bargain for it being a wedding day- it was a FABOOLOOOSLY fun event!The Happy Newlyweds!

I loved all the bright pretty flowers and dresses. I thought I grabbed a picture- but for each Table # Sign, they showed a picture of each of them at that age. Cute idea!

The gold shoes made their debut, and they got through 85% of the wedding before they were tossed off to the side. 'SHOUT' wasn't the same dancing as a 5'2 midget, but I made do.

The red nails were rocking, and it was fun seeing all my favs from RIT.

We may not have had a Football Team, but we had each other.. [and Garbage Plates and Lilac Festivals]

NOW if we can just get everyone to move to Boston, that'd be super.. and yes, that last picture is proof that my Bahamas tan stayed longer than ToughGuy's. Except he doesn't wear bronzer..

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weezermonkey said...

Bronzer FTW!

Susan said...

Nice work with the shoes!

Alicia said...

You look great!! LOVE the shoes.

rebeccaj said...

dear pretty,
can i squeeze my feet into those shoes this weekend? love them!

Hope said...

Lookin' fab!

LiLu said...

What a fun green springy color for the bridesmaids. Everyone looks great! :-)

debbieQ said...

oh yes, your dress was a nice choice.
Very fine!