May 22, 2010

Spinning & Cocktails, the tough life of a Boston Blogger

Leave it to Healthworks to throw a party incorporating 2 of my favorite things in the world: working out and yummy cocktails. Okay, so the working out part might be a lie, BUT operation get off my butt and get more active has been going pretty well the past month or so.
An amazing thing we noticed when walking into Healthworks was how great it smelled! This cannot be a gym.. this must be a spa. But guess what? There are no meatball guys walking around! Ladies only. Sweat that smells like flowers ladies only.

Right when you arrived at the Healthworks Blogger Bash, you were given a sweet Siggi's tote with some amazing goodies inside (more on that later) and were prepared a lovely Ripe Mocktail!

Chelsee grabbed this picture of Alicia and I before the Spin Class. My Aerie Shirt said Don't on the front, and then Sweat it on the back. Gotta love statement tees that are true. Us three were partners in crime in the back row of the spin class! There were a lot of giggles.

My first Spin Class was fun! Except honestly my butt may have fallen asleep the first 2 minutes on the bike. You sweat profusely, but the way they split all of the routines up, and the fun crazy songs they played? It went by a lot quicker than I was expecting. And you felt great after.

Vita Coco was waiting for us after the class!It was then time to get ready for part 2 of the Blogger Bash. And head over to The Liberty Hotel for some drinks and eats at Alibi.We Are Not Martha had the best background of this place:
'it used to be a historical prison and when they remodeled it the architecture and design teams kept a lot of the original parts of the prison in tact… which is why you see all the bars and other prison paraphernalia floating around! And they played on the prison idea by hanging celebrity mug shots all around Alibi, too! It’s fun!' -chels

There was a NASCAR Party on the Patio! Lots of fancy cars parked outside.
RIPE & Double Cross Vodka teamed up to create the most delicious drinks ever!! Bloody Mary!
My favorite was this strawberry amazingness.
Carrots 'N' Cake posted the recipe for it too!! Tina you are the BEST!

Strawberry Collins
Ingredients: 2 oz Double Cross Vodka, 1 oz of Drinkripe Sour Mix, 2 whole strawberries, 4 sprigs of basil
Directions: Muddle strawberries & basil. Add Double Cross, Drinkripe Sour Mix & Ice. Shake well & strain into high ball glass filled with ice. Top with splash of soda. Garnish w/Basil leaf.

But don't have too many of these and drive home, or else you may be featured on the wall at Alibi...... Love you, Paris!
The food was SO GOOD. There was gourmet pizza, caprese salad, tuna tartare & more.
Alicia was my muse for the evening!
I cannot get over how fun it is to sit around at this bar!!
My favorite thing to do when hanging out with Foodie Bloggers is to take a picture of them in the act of snapping a pic of all the food.
VIP Spinsters.
There were a lot of cool new (to me) Healthy Lifestyle Bloggers who attended, I've checked out their blogs.. and they are very motivating! They had some great recaps as well (where I grabbed some of the group shots from! hehe)
Carrots 'N' Cake, Crunches for Cupcakes, Emily Eats And Exercises, Food. Fitness. Fashion, Healthy and Sane, The daily craic, Travel Eat Love, Tri to Cook, Fiteralla, and of course, my favs We Are Not Martha and The Clean Plate Club!

Thank you again to Judith, Hannah & Healthworks! Seriously, it was wicked fun. And looking through the Siggis swag bag that evening when I got home was the only thing that kept me from crying during the DVR of Grey's Anatomy Season Finale! There was a Healthworks giftcard for a 50 minute massage, popchips (did they know I'm obsessed with popchips?), a gift certificate to Zyrra for a custom bra, Mad Hectic Oatmeal, Siggis coupons, a SkinHealth Center spray tan ($65 value!!), a hair makeover at Rocks Paper Scissors Salon, a City Sports Boston T-shirt (a staple for a Bostonian to have), and a few other fun things.

Local ladies who want to check HealthWorks out, they were awesome enough to share a 3 Day Membership with JQLounge readers!! Sign up here to check it out! I'm totally going back and trying out a Spin Class. They have locations in Boston, Cambridge, Chestnut Hill and Salem.

And they blog, too!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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meghan said...

Great recap! I wish I had gotten a chance to chat to you and Alicia. Hopefully we will meet up at another event soon.

weezermonkey said...

I love how thoroughly into the blogging scene you are now! I kinda feel like a proud aunt. :D

thedailycraic said...

Awesome recap! It was so much fun - can we do it again?!

thatShortChick said...

hahaha....totally love your shirt! personally, shopping for the workout clothes is the best part of the workout ;)

and you, obviously, must have had a much nicer spin instructor than I because I had to be wrung out and practically carried to my car afterward!! I hated my first spin experience.

Hope said...

Sounds like fun. It almost makes me miss not belonging to a real gym. :p (I go to the bare bones gym at the uni I work for). And I <3 swag bags.