June 7, 2010

A Closer Look

This John Beck Chalkboard light looks like the funnest thing ever! I must have it in a house someday. You can write on it! (via A Cup of Jo)
We've recently started gardening (only took us 2 years of moving into our first house!) and as much as Martha Stewart was my mentor- that's now been replaced by Michelle Obama! Work it, First Lady! Looking fierce. (via Jezebel)

World Cup more important than SEX in England. I'd suggest that's the same as Fantasy Football leagues in the US. (via ESPN)

I'm so confused about these makeup mishaps.. I'm not one to use Powder Foundation, but if I did, it wouldn't be as white as that. CZJ has olive skin, so she wouldn't use it as well. (via Dlisted) What are your thoughts???? Rehab or Makeup Artist firing?

And finally, this weekend we went and saw Get Him to the Greek. Loved it!! Its raunchy, hilarious, entertaining and the banter that goes on is such a treat. I feel like the Hangover was one of those 'Something About Mary' movies that was way too ridiculous for its time so you always have it in the back of your head comparing it to everything else. While it has a similar feel to it because you are dealing with a cat & mouse chase - this movie holds its own (but still- I hold the Hangover still up there as the best of its time for silly hilarious laugh out loud comedy). Russell Brand, Jonah Hill and Diddy mesh awesome together (except I can't help but wonder if Russell is EXACTLY like that in real life). Jonah Hill can just talk and I'll start cracking up. Plus (small spoiler alert) the movie sports 2 favorites: Glossy Tabloids and THE TODAY SHOW!!!!! I think you'll enjoy it! Plus one of the ladies in the film's character is a pop star named Jackie Q. Did I cry on the inside wondering WHY it wasn't Julie Q? Just a little (such a pop star name).

Anyone else see it? Let me know what you thought..

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Hope said...

This will be our second year with a vegetable garden in our backyard. I love having fresh tomatoes!

Breathe Gently said...

Oh Russell Brand, I love him. He's so cute. I LOVE him.

I don't get the football (SOCCER!) thing here, and I LIVE in London. Though I'm not a Brit, I'm just an ex-pat.. but still. Offices get in projectors so they can watch the games during office hours. It's insane? It's just football?

Gosh, I am SUCH a girl.

That chalk light is AMAZING.

Katelin said...

i can't decide what i'd rather watch with you, the oscars or an mtv awards show because there is just so much potential there. i think for some award show i'm just going to invite myself to boston so we can watch together, just so you know.

and yes i realize this had nothing to do with your post but i saw russel and jonah and i thought TEAM EDWARD! and then i started rambling some more and then that was it.

award showing viewing, it will happen.

the end.

ps. i clearly need some more sleep.

pps. longest comment ever.

pps. now officially the longest and most random. i win.

thatShortChick said...

there isn't a single thing that Michelle Obama doesn't look good doing. she knows how to just work it.

Susan said...

Ha, that Fantasy Football bit was a good one.

We Are Not Martha said...

I totally need to see Get Him to the Greek now too. At first I thought it was going to be dumb, but everyone seems to have loved it!!

I DO NOT get the CZJ pic... I mean, it's on her freaking hat?!!?